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Footpath hazards.

June 5, 2019

Another day. Another victim of Unley’s hazard-ridden footpaths.

An elderly visitor on her way today to a doctor’s surgery at the notorious Arkaba corner comes a nasty cropper on Kenilworth Road  alongside Parkside Primary School’s playground.

As a wide-ranging pedestrian  I can attest to virtually every Unley street I venture along providing numerous hazards. Broken pavers.  Missing ditto . Sunken or raised service points.  Treacherous accumulations of Queensland Box seed pods.Etc. Etc.

I can think of only one footpath free of hazards…the wide,  winding, attractive  pathway along Parkside’s  Windsor Street linear park. Which has been in place for a couple of decades without the need of attention.

Makes you think…



King William Road coverage

June 5, 2019

No. I’m not referring to  the brick re-paving…just the free media publicity being accorded  Unley’s commercial showpiece.

One can only hope that the headline hype is matched by the eventual revitalisation of the shopping strip and a return to it’s premier place in Adelaide’s commercial world. Of late there have been far too many  “vacancy” signs around, which is attributed in some quarters to unrealistic  rental demands.

At the risk of repeating myself, I would dearly love to see some measures introduced to reduce  through traffic and return our icon to a destination, not a short-cut created by the unwise alteration many years ago to the nearby traffic light sequences on Cross Road. A boon for commuters but a blight to KWR.


Kindergarten Council.

June 4, 2019

It’s little wonder that the general public is not exactly enamoured of third-tier governance when they are fed a daily dose of dissent  wracking the halls of power on King William Street.

It’s many a moon since Grumpy was close to the Adelaide City Council action ….as part of the public relations department. But in those days there was a general sense of  decorum both in the Council chamber and out there in the real world. Personal differences abounded, of course, but were handled discreetly, not hung out on the Hills Hoist.

The unedifying disunity and downright disgraceful exchanges emanating from the  present ward incumbents is irresponsible, embarrassing and has to stop.

Mountain death toll soars

June 3, 2019

Another day. Another five victims. This time in India.

The toll now stands (after just a handful of suitable …sort of..climbing days) as Himalayas 13, mountains nil. With several climbers still unaccounted for.

The news from Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu will, of course, be shrugged off by the government, which is too busy in it’s treasury… totting up the huge contribution that the country’s fatal attraction contributes to the tourist income.

Election escape

June 3, 2019

By a piece of inspired absenteeism, Grumpy was able to avoid all the angst of the recent selection of those to lead us from the hallowed halls of Canberra.

Sadly the infighting will continue on both sides of the political spectrum.

Meanwhile, in the kindergarten sector of the State’s not-so-august ruling bodies, Adelaide City Council is busily making itself the laughing stock of Local Government with spiteful spats and name  calling that shows our  third-tier rulers  in a VERY bad light.

Kathmandu farewell

June 3, 2019

Sadly, all good things must come to an end…even my 40-year love affair with the chaotic city of Kathmandu, capital of my adopted second home of Nepal.

Four bomb blasts in the suburbs. A one-day national strike (I didn’t notice any difference to anything…the streets were their usual  dicing with death from motor-cycles). Two mass murders that claimed a mere 15 lives and rated a few paragraphs on the two  English-speaking newspapers. A simmering 45degrees in the southern tourist destinations.

Not to mention, of course, the huge  traffic jam of Mount Everest’s egotists which claimed a mere eight lives.



Safer school stroll.

May 2, 2019

Students at Parkside Primary School will soon benefit from safety measures approved by Unley Council after extensive investigations tackling the increased use of streets to the south by morning “rat-run” commuters.

In a three-part recommendation from Council’s transport and traffic division,  children’s crossings will be installed in Young  and  Robsart Streets, while there will be  kerb extensions along Castle Street at its intersection with Robsart Street.

The  treatments align with Council’s strategic objectives of improving walking and cycling within Unley.

The need for the programme comes mainly, in my opinion at least, from  city-bound commuters trying to avoid the notorious Fullarton/Glen Osmond Road intersection. My frequent calls for peak-hour “No left turn” signs into north Parkside from Fullarton Road have been regularly quashed/ignored, but someday, perhaps,  those in higher-level command of our destiny will see the light…

All of the above brings back vivid memories of  the days when Parkside Primary, now bursting at the seams with more than 400 pupils, was facing extinction— and disruption for its 100 students.   The  protest meetings were frequent, fiery and (thankfully, of course) successful.

Grand (piano) vision’s sour note.

April 30, 2019

Triple bidding for a  $100,000 newcomer to Norwood  Concert Hall has been given the flick by Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Council.

Councillors Minney, Duke and Knoblauch were unsuccessful in their bid for a replacement for the existing johanna, despite labelling their proposed purchase as “peanuts”.

Eternal life. Here’s the secret.

April 30, 2019

Want to live to be 2OO???

Of course you do…

Simple. If you are an employee of the Australian Taxation Office. Merely dob in  your colleagues for alleged dodgy  practices — and spend 161 years in jail.

Sadly, however, alleged whistle-blower Richard Boyle’s  long wait for arrival at the Pearly Gates is in jeopardy, with the Federal Attorney being asked to look into the predicament of the Edwardtown debt collector.

Salaman’s wisdom wins.

April 29, 2019

Deposed Unley Ward Councillor Rufus Salaman has retained a link with Unley Council…through his appointment as a deputy independent member of the Council Assessment Panel