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Flannelled flops.

January 17, 2018

Sports story of the decade. Of the century. Ever.

And the ‘Tiser tucks it away on page five.

I refer, of course, to the incredible exploits of the South Road Cricket Club, which managed to secure its place in the annals of world cricket by somehow  finishing up with an incredible  score sheet of just TWO  all out!!!

No, that’s NOT a typographical error, gentle, incredulous reader.

Two all out. And 50% of that came in the form of  a wide!!!


Badcoe bombshell prediction.

January 16, 2018

No, I don’t have any concrete inside information about the future of what was once the Labor-held seat of Ashford.

Just a gut feeling that there could be  a late twist in the tale.

Watch this space.


I’m getting a divorce!

January 15, 2018

Grounds for this dramatic action?

Her Indoors came home from Woollies this morning…with a six-pack of hot cross buns.

Behaviour unacceptable…Next week it could be a Halloween mask.

One has to draw the line somewhere!


Burnside’s $100million bombshell

January 15, 2018

Remember that you read it here first…

I have it on good but anonymous authority that Burnside Council will (very soon) be meeting in secret to discus the viability of a plan to lash out a mere ONE HUNDRED MILLION dollars to raze and replace it’s entire municipal complex.

More later, I’m promised by my informant.

Even sooner than I thought.

Impeccable sources this morning  tell me that it’s not just the civic amenities which are to constitute the entire re-vamp. The vision includes a multitude of apartments which would help defray the initial cost, as well as providing a valuable, on-going, source of rates.


Grumpy guilty…again and again.

January 14, 2018

The free press is a wonderful thing. Free to be cynically selective in it’s reporting.

Once again my heinous crime of campaigning for justice and correct recognition for those Australians who died on the slopes above ANZAC Cove has gained me an Advertiser news story spot in the catalogue of crimes committed by Council members across the State.

I have abided by the conditions of my hugely wasteful secret trial at the hands of the Local Government Association, while those “witnesses”  who were careless with the truth walk away.

For the record..yes, I did nudge someone as I made my legitimate way along the corridors of power. Someone considerably younger than my 78 years. Someone who was blocking my right to free passage.

Yes, I did tell a witness who was careless with the truth that I accused someone (rightly) that they should be ashamed of themselves.  No one else further than a metre or two would have heard it, and it was not even caught on a very nearby microphone. Yet that aside was turned , provocatively and incorrectly  by one complainant, into a “yell”.

Doubtless the above will not find favour in certain circles, but I believe  passionately in justice. And justice is NOT what I received.

Nor I contend, will those whose sacred  acknowledgement of the Gallipoli sacrifice has been used as a governmental football.

Wondering about Winnie.

January 14, 2018

The last time I went to a picture house (these days I think they are called “cinemas”) a smiling gentleman popped up from the stygian darkness bashing away at a Hammond organ….

Well, that may be a BIT of an exaggeration, but it’s certainly some time ago, so Her Indoors expressed surprise when I  evinced an interest in seeing a celluloid interpretation Sir Winston Churchill’s single-handed supremacy over Mr Schnickelgrubber.

I was a mere ten months old when the Third Reich had  Britain’s Finest bottled up in a place called Dunkirk, so I am not exactly qualified to prove or disprove what went on at Whitehall and inside Winnie’s head. And it may well have been as portrayed.

However, I think the film-makers went just a WEE bit over the top with some of the Churchillian characteristics. And   (pardon me if I am wrong) it stretches the imagination  more than somewhat to see an unescorted, cigar-chomping Prime Minister mingling in a crowd of stereotype Cockneys on the Tube headed for Whitehall…and giving them a  cut-down version of his “We will fight them on the beaches” exhortation.

Three stars.

Buddhism’s birthplace booms.

January 14, 2018

It’s been more than three decades since Grumpy strolled amid the tranquil setting of Lumbini, in the deep south of Nepal, birthplace of the Lord Buddha.

Those days the sacred site just to the north of India boasted a handful of monasteries, and a small building housing the  imprint in stone of the holiest footprint in the world.

Fast forward to 2018 and those few monasteries have swelled to dozens. And the trickle of pilgrims has exploded into well over a million a year.

With an airport now just down the road disgorging hundreds of Indian faithful a day, those wanting to experience the pilgrimage should not lose any time before the almost-lost tranquillity vanishes beneath a human tsunami.