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Hills Hoist heist.

June 28, 2017

I seldom, if ever, agree with Glenunga’s …and probably Australia’s… most prolific letters-to-the-editor contributor.

For once, though, I applaud serial self- opinionist Marjorie Brown for her ( last week’s) words of wisdom in the  “Inbox” section of the Weekend Australian’s Magazine

Only, I hasten to add, because she supports the long-running campaign I have waged for years in Grumpy and elsewhere on behalf of the REAL inventors of the rotary washing line.

I do not, I again hasten to add given the sensitive nature of the subject, dispute that Lance Hill was awarded  a patent in 1945. But, as MB points out, a revolutionary/ revolving clothes airer was on the market almost half a century before,  thanks to the inventiveness of Gilbert Toyne of Geelong (or Adelaide, depending on which history you believe) who patented the device in 1911.

Sadly, South Australia’s history is littered with errors. Places wrongly named. Or their name mis-spelt. Events tweaked to satisfy someone’s ego. I refer you to the current contentious issue of the world’s first First World War Memorial, dealt with in the past few weeks on this website.

Tweaked history is bunkum.

$2million-plus for Unley’s “Tour Down Under” stage.

June 28, 2017

No, that’s NOT a mistake. It’s the sum total of your council rates contribution since the cycling extravaganza came to our fair (and generous) city back in the opening years of the century.

And once again Unley  has agreed to host the King William Road stage of the event next financial year to the tune of $266,000.

Nice dosh if you can get it. And a LOT more than the generous extra handout  for the City’s agreed “Active Ageing” initiative when Council discussed (and approved) the 2017/8 budget…a miserly $20,000.

All a matter of priorities, of course.

Councillor Bob Schnell and Grumpy were the only two voices raised in opposition to the Tour Down Under handout from a budget which, thanks to yet another borrowing  hike, takes our loans burden to a worrying $14million-plus.

One of my council colleagues is on record as saying that that debt could be wiped out in well under a decade. But this little duck is a mite (make that mighty) disbelieving.

I’m not advocating a rates freeze (though that would be welcome). Just that we stop smoking the whoopee weed and get a grip on rates reality

P.s. By the way, we HAVE made some saving . As from July 1 those of our 300-plus valuable volunteers who drive to their place of volunteering will no longer be able to claim mileage!!!.

See. We DO have the interests of our ratepayers at heart.

Jazz pianist Bruce Hancock in health shock.

June 27, 2017

Adelaide jazz fans, and his many admirers around Australia, have been saddened by the news that  local music icon Bruce Hancock has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic. cancer.

Bruce had been scheduled to play at one of this month’s regular Tuesday night  gig at the Highway Inn.

Manchester United: soccer’s Holy Grail.

June 27, 2017

Now I’m not saying that it’s Britain’s greatest sporting team. It isn’t. It’s the best  in the world…

If you don’t believe me, grab a copy of this week’s “Messenger”…and read the double-page spread by journalist Dan Jervis-Bardy on the memories of two locals who were in the semi-professional South Australian team which took on Man U way back in 1967.

They lost 5-1, but won the hearts of the  20,000 fans who jammed the Olympic Sports Field.

The modern statistics of Busby’s Babes are astounding, and I won’t spoil  DJ-B’s thunder. But just try to get your mind round one statistic…659 million  supporters world wide!!!


Dardanelles sacrifice: Unley declares war.

June 27, 2017

Unley Council has voted unanimously to call on Adelaide City Council to back-pedal on its support  for the unsympathetic  re-siting of the world’s oldest World War One monument.

The decision came after Councillors heard a submission from Adelaide  Councillor Sandy Wilkinson, who last month was defeated six votes to four in his bid to block the State Government-backed plan to move the  historically unique Dardanelle Memorial from the south parklands to the memorial walk on Kintore Avenue.

Then, without debate, Unley’s elected members supported a motion from “Grumpy”, aka the councillor for Parkside Ward, to urge  Adelaide’s elected members to revisit their earlier support of the move and, together with Unley and the RSL, back  the return of the unique memorial  to it’s original site on Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue. That site was chosen specifically back in 1915 (when the Gallipoli offensive was still raging) to respect and memorialise the joint sacrifice of the two volunteer battalions from Unley and Adelaide city.

The obelisk was moved  to its present site (on South Terrace, near it’s junction with West Terrace), unsympathetically and probably illegally, in 1940. Illegally because the Council had insisted in 1915 that the project should not be funded by Adelaide City ratepayers, but by public subscription… a proviso that would mean it was not Council property.

Latest move in the memorial saga is that not only would it be moved northwards, but that it would be “adapted”  —read vandalised –to fit in with  the existing Kintore Avenue memorials.

Watch this space for future developments.


Adelaide’s war memorial walk.

June 22, 2017

Dismay has been expressed in some quarters about my aversion (and opposition) to the idea of transporting the unique  World War One monument  near  the junction of West and  South Terrace to the memorial walk on Kintore Avenue, alongside Government House.

To be quite clear, I admire the walk in general..

What I DO object to most strongly is a proposal to add to that tribute by the transfer (and transformation/vandalisation)  of the Dardanelles obelisk/cross, a First World War “first” erected on Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue in mid-1915 by public subscription.

The matter will be the subject of discussion at  Monday evening’s Unley Council meeting.



Queensland Houdinis

June 21, 2017

Down 16 to 6 at the break…the Broncos were on the way home and out of the State of Origin, and Grumpy’s knuckles were snow-white.

What a difference 40 minutes make. Twelve unanswered points in the second half and it’s  the Great Escape and off to the decider in three weeks’ time.

The stuff that State of Origin dreams are made of.