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Grumpy to address Adelaide City Council on war memorial issue.

July 21, 2017

Have just received the OK from King William Street re my request to address the ACC on the vexed issue of the plan to hijack the Dardanelles Cenotaph.

Not THEIR plan, that is. But the move by military and veteran organisations to incorporate and “adapt” (a lovely euphemism) the existing South Terrace  memorial into the Kintore Avenue “Memorial Walk” alongside Government House.

My five-minute presentation is in support of Adelaide Councillor Sandy Wilkinson’s second bid to scuttle what I believe amounts to almost sacrilege.

Multi-storeys and motor mayhem on George Street

July 21, 2017

You heard it here first…

Grumpy is predicting a hefty helping of on-going driver frustration when the plans for a possible seven-storey development at the junction of George Street and Greenhill Road comes to fruition.

I’m referring to the latest announcement of multi-storey development on the western side of the busy junction, with the signs up for expressions of interest before August 10th in the 4160sqmetre block that includes the long-deceased “Tiffins” restaurant eyesore…

With the multi-storey apartment venture on the eastern side of the junction already beginning to take shape, there is the potential for even more major traffic snarl-ups that exist at the moment at peak hours..

One also has to feel for the residents of Anglo Avenue, who already experience a sizeable “rat run” at peak hours, especially as the  newcomer to the block has its main vehicle access on their eastern side.

Volunteer “mileage” cuts save $25,000

July 20, 2017

But the legally required move to deny 34 of Unley’s 370 volunteers reimbursement for petrol claims from their home to place of duty will enable the savings to be re-directed to other (unspecified) volunteer initiatives.

And Administration has, in response to “Grumpy’s” questions on notice at this month’s Council meeting, said that volunteers will continue to receive “appropriate” reimbursements for costs incurred during their volunteer role and are also offered recognition through events and training.



Veterans’ boss upset by Grumpy’s ANZAC memorial defence.

July 20, 2017

Air Vice Marshal Brent Espeland AM (Ret’d),  it seems, is just a wee bit miffed by my forthright condemnation of the  move to highjack the world’s first World War One memorial.

In particular he says, in his letter to Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne, that my comments about “emotional and historic theft” and “an indefensible bastardisation of the monument” add little value to the discussion.

Sorry if I got your epaulets in a twist, sir, but I stand by those adjectives and would suggest that they are spot-on descriptions of a back-door, covert,  cost-saving move that should not be countenanced.

Of course the memorial Walk on Kintore Avenue should feature…very prominently…the great sacrifice that our State contributed to the military debacle of ANZAC Cove. But it should be achieved by a new, more elaborate monument that also  acknowledges the pioneering  action of the Wattle group’s tribute in instigating the original monument on Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue in 1915. This would overcome the sadness of it  being known as “THE FORGOTTEN MEMORIAL”.


Sorry folks, but I’m still a Parksidean

July 19, 2017

If your hopes were raised by the address of Grumpy’s lead letter in this week’s “Courier”, my condolences.

My correspondence about the fate of the unique WW1 memorial acknowledging the Gallipoli  sacrifice of members of the 10th and 27th Battalions gave my abode  as representing  Unley Council’s Hyde Park Ward.

Not so. I remain faithful to the residents of Parkside.


Drones: Councils have no control.

July 19, 2017

Further to my item of last week concerning a drone buzzing Unley Oval during a youth footy match…

I have been informed that Unley Council has absolutely no control over the aerial pests. Apparently the launching of an UAV for a commercial purpose will be legal if the person launching the craft holds a licence . The pesky spies-in-the-sky are subject to detailed regulations, but Councils have no role in the administration or enforcement of flights.

I’m told that any attempt by Council to regulate the flying spies would risk being invalid for “reasons of constitutional inconsistency”…whatever that bureaucratic language means!

If you’re plagued by the aerial intruders… take shooting lessons and invest in a firearm.

Trapped (happily) on K.I.

July 19, 2017

No. Grumpy has NOT spat the dummy in the face of the continuing and inexplicable lack of feedback from his millions of faithful fans.

The  absence of any riveting remarks and fascinating fulminations from my adoring public over the past four days is due solely to my overseas trip to the throbbing metropoli of Penneshaw, Parndana, Kingscote and American River. A comprehensive  exploration   of Kangaroo Island that was extended by the arrival of whitecaps in that narrow but treacherous strip of water between it and the mainland.  Ferries stopped ferrying and our international party of five was forced to  batten down the hatches at their delightful shore-side hacienda (details available on request) for a couple of extra days  and concentrate on sampling the island’s finest fare. Liquid and otherwise.

It was a return trip after a disaster-plagued adventure holiday more than four decades ago and a welcome break from the daily Council grind of threatened significant trees, selfish cyclists, Sturt, etc etc…