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Trespassing cranes?

July 19, 2018

The current redevelopment of a corner site on the northern boundary of Parkside prompts me to question the constant use of airspace of adjoining properties by the booms of those towering   cranes.

Can anyone out there enlighten me on the rights and risks for neighbours? If it were me I would be in a constant state of anxiety…


Tarzans and Janes find south parklands paradise.

July 18, 2018

The young descendants of those famous jungle swingers are in seventh heaven, with a tree-top jungle playground about to open in the South Parklands, near the corner of Unley Road and Greenhill Road.

They’ll be near neighbours to the long-established home of the ground-bound participants  of the French  pernod-fuelled past-time of petanque, aka boule.

Waymouth Street Wallies need a wake-up

July 18, 2018

Another day. Another ‘Tiser. Another nonsensical, unthinking news item lauding the ever-rising cost of a roof over your head.

Just how those in charge of the editorial desk can view the situation as good news totally escapes me.

So the value of your property soars. Great. Wonderful. BUT… If (when) you come to sell, your financial gain from the transaction is nullified (unless you downsize or move to a less-desirable neighbourhood) by the  parallel increase of acquiring your new abode.  Plus more in the auctioneer’s commission pocket. More in insurance fees. More in Council rates. Etc etc.

The only real winner in all the above.? The advertising coffers on Waymouth Street.

I’m Grumpy. And I’m RIGHT!!!

Council rates conundrum

July 17, 2018

With the Grumpy Family’s rates burden heading rapidly towards the $4000-per-annum mark it would be VERY tempting to side with the  lobbyists for a “capping”.

Trouble is, such a draconian move would not only put the skids under community-friendly facilities such as sporting facilities,  community centres, libraries,  etc etc. but would/could have a huge negative impact on the whole local scene.

The scenario is put very clearly in a letter from the Australian Services Union which found  its way into the Grumpy Manor letterbox this morning.

I quote: “The State Government does not believe that democratically elected councillors are up to the job of setting reasonable and fair rates…a dangerous precedent. Capping will deteriorate local democracy and cripple councils’ ability to deliver critical services. Cuts to libraries, community centres, child care, kindergartens, waste stations etc, Services that are exceptional to your local area”.

Cycle danger blame game.

July 16, 2018

Unley has hit the “Advertiser” headlines today, with Council and the Transport Department at loggerheads over the apparently hazardous  state of the Mike Turtur bikeway.

For Grumpy it’s just another chapter in the ongoing history of  the danger posed by the deterioration of our paved pathways . As a born-again pedestrian since the death of my gas-guzzler I have become well aware of the need to keep one’s mind on the pavement ahead, especially in streets where our beloved trees create their own speedhumps and narrowings that deny gophers and double-prams footpath access.

Meanwhile the Turtur issue is one of ownership. It  will be very interesting to see who ends up copping the cost of a smooth, safe surface.

Happy pedalling.

Buena Vista brilliance.

July 15, 2018

The audience was a sea of grey…but the response to the music was red-hot.

I’ve been to many a concert at the Festival Centre. But it’s going to take a lot to top the atmosphere and artistry of last night’s performance at The Bar at  Buena Vista.

Pulsating rhythm. Long, flashing legs of beautiful dancers. And a mesmerised audience that responded more-than-enthusiastically to the master of ceremony’s  call for their participation.

An unforgettable birthday present from Her Indoors.


Birthday blue.

July 15, 2018

Grumpy has just notched up another birthday and is feeling somewhat gloomy. After all, 50 , or thereabouts, is not really a milestone to be celebrated. Even more so when Son Number 1’s present  arrived…Kamahl’s “My Way” vinyl.

Bang goes the inheritance. I’ve got a looooong memory!