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A near date with disaster…

March 12, 2018

Wow! How lucky can you be…

Grumpy nearly had a brush earlier  this year with the latest scandal to hit the  ‘Tiser headlines..  third-tier Government “freebies”.

Fortunately my request for a complimentary diary to keep me abreast of the numerous Local Government events that come my way (as sole representative of Unley’s Parkside Ward) did not bear fruit.

There IS a God.


Numb(er) agony

March 10, 2018

Somewhere in one of Unley’s leafy enclaves you can, if you listen intently, hear the regretful sobs of an acquaintance of mine who… some years ago… was involved in the sale of the ancient family runabout.

At the time, I believe, the transaction was unremarkable.

Fast forward to the present day and the above-mentioned tears are understandable, and warranted…courtesy of this morning’s “Advertiser” antiques/auction pages. Which reveal that two vintage State numberplates…104 and 108…are expected to fetch MORE THAN $100,000.

You see. The trouble with the aforementioned long-ago sale was the fact that the numberplate went with the vehicle.  Historic number 44!

Today his mode of transport bears a nostalgic 4T4 numberplate.  Nice try. But it just ain’t the same!





In a League of his own.

March 9, 2018

Cowboys 20. Sharks 14.


Super statistics as we begin the 2018 season of the world’s second best football code.

Parkside Primary’s pupil squeeze.

March 9, 2018

How times change!. I can well remember those crisis meetings we had way way back when the school was facing extinction through lack of pupils.

Now it’s the reverse. A lack of space, with additional classroom plans (and students) suffering from procrastination blues.

I have to declare a sort-of personal interest in the latest chapter in the school’s woes, as Her Indoors is a part-time teacher’s aide at the seat of learning which is paying the penalty for being just too popular with local parents.

If you think the problem is bad, one has to wonder just how things will worsen with the State Government’s insistence on a more-than-significant population boom  in Unley. We’re talking thousands, not hundreds…



Corflutes congestion. And a cautionary tail.

March 8, 2018

Any more of those pesky, political, air-brushed posters finding their way into my garden shed and I will have build an extension…Only joking. I’m fussy about the contents of the shed. Though perhaps they might frighten the mice away!

Meanwhile, it seems I  must set the record straight. I’ve received a cautionary missive from a well-wisher who, it seems, is worried that some bewildered Grumpy followers might actually think that I have armed myself with a ladder and pliers and harvested the burgeoning blots on the landscape.

WRONG. The sanity suppositories are working a treat!!!


Trampolines bounce back

March 7, 2018

Those noisy, in-ground  bouncing discs that caused something of a neighbourhood uproar in the area surrounding the Katherine Street, Fullarton, community park will be back on the reserve in a couple of months. In a new spot that should avoid any adverse sonic and visual impact on anyone living nearby.

All thanks to the 6oo-signature petition prompted by their premature removal to placate a single neighbour.

Highrise historical horror.

March 7, 2018

Interesting to see the financial squabble brewing between parties involved with the erection of a 14-storey apartment monolith just a few metres north of the 1876 historically important former home of the TPI Association on the corner of Hutt Street and South Terrace.

The two dramatically different edifices are SO close together that tenants with long arms could lean out and exchange handshakes!!! But coming off a VERY second best, the TPI occupants find themselves in perpetual shadow.

It’s all reminiscent of the quasi-conservation facadism that plagued the city’s built history some decades ago.