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Aged care no-go zones.

January 19, 2019

As a Justice of the Peace I am often asked to visit nursing homes, etc, to witness documents such as those required for residents dependent on, among other things,  overseas pensions.

With a few exceptions I agree . But,  without naming names for obvious legal reasons, I decline… because of the conditions under which the residents have to suffer. Given the recent escalating media coverage of the situation, policing of these establishments needs, I believe, to be intensified.

Staff bullying, poor sanitary arrangements, etc, is totally unacceptable.



Footpath victim…ME

January 18, 2019

Anything for a blog!

Regular “Grumpy” warnings about the perilous state of many of Unley’s pedestrian ways have just been justified…with YT spending four painful hours in the casualty  department of the Royal Adelaide.

In brief:

Subject leaves King William Road’s Tour Down Under festivities to negotiate Arthur Street and participate in the regular Thursday Night Owls competition alongside Unley Oval.

Eyewitnesses report seeing  tall, bearded pedestrian swan-diving onto the edge of the Unley Shopping Centre’s rear car park exit. Crowd gathers. Including victim’s former co-Councillor Rufus Salaman and spouse, returning to their nearby abode. Thanks, fellers!

Prompt ambulance deposits more-than-Grumpy at hospital, where he is entertained at length by the maniacal screams of a young drug-taker/patient.

No broken bones, but I won’t be running any marathon for a few days…

Hot jazz? Love it, but…

January 16, 2019

You hear about it. But today that’s exactly what it is.

Braving a mere 40-plus scorcher, disciples of the creed of syncopation are gathering at the State’s Jazz Archives on North Terrace today for two hours of insight into their religion.

Don’t you just love dedication?

Minefield in the Town Hall trenches…

January 15, 2019

Having just staggered away from  a 150-minute legal minefield in the hallowed halls of Unley Council, you have to wonder how any of your elected members ( read Councillors)can carry out their duties without suffering terminal neuroses…

Grumpy was there in his Parkside Ward capacity, and after previous seminars of a similar nature at regular intervals during his 32 years in Local Government was well prepared for the event. I’m not so sure about my new colleagues!!!

Meanwhile the two representatives of the legal firm (no names, unless I receive a well-stuffed plain paper envelope!) did a masterly job in helping us negotiate the municipal maze.

Scotland’s mass murderer/cannibal.

January 15, 2019

At the last count, “Grumpy” had notched up a cool 29 different homes in seven countries,  and is contemplating producing an account of his gypsy-like life.

Which is how/why he happened to log onto and revive his memories of the gruesome antics of definitely his weirdest neighbours…the human-devouring Bean clan from the south-western coast of Scotland.

“Neighbours ” is stretching it a bit, but 20 miles or so  is a mere caber toss in that part of the world…and given the horrific history of the clan, quite near enough to Wigtownshire’s small harbour of Cairn Ryan, one of my temporary abodes.

Won’t give away the plot…except to say that on the several occasions that I gathered up enough courage for a solo visit to the sea-cave from which the Beans emerged at regular intervals to waylay, rob…and eat their prey!..I had goose-bumps as big as gooseberries.




Pavers are not a panacea

January 14, 2019

It would be wonderful to think that the interminable gabfests surrounding the future  repaving  of Unley’s King William Road will, singlehandedly, restore the shopping strip to it’s former commercial pre-eminence.

Sadly, times change. The public is fickle. Premises continue to remain vacant, apparently because of the unrealistic rents. And parking, or lack of it, continues to have a negative impact.

The concept designs are innovative and admirable, but the plethora of  “For Lease” placards does not, for me, inspire confidence.

I hope I am wrong.

Stagnation is good.

January 12, 2019

Bigger ain’t necessarily better, and rather than shedding a tear for the building industry, perhaps we should take a long hard look at the way dear old Adelaide is expanding…both laterally and vertically.

As more and more valuable arable land disappears beneath cheek-by-jowl brick-veneer estates, skyscrapers cast long shadows across adjacent suburbs, and more and more commuter carriers clog our streets,  we should be heeding the long-ago warnings of well-accredited gurus. That Australia’,s optimum  population hovered around the  long-past 24million mark.

Our print media, which is kept afloat financially by its real estate pages, will, naturally, take a different, totally irresponsible tack, and shed crocodile tears for the building industry and its  RE hangers-on.

Meanwhile, Unley for example, has been told by the North Terrace asylum that it must absorb thousands of additional residents. Take a look at the northern end of George Street.

And weep.