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‘Tiser’s trivia news sense

February 21, 2018

OK. I agree. Today’s front page revelation about a Port Wakefield fisherman’s licence plight is a tear-jerker.

But, be real. Does it warrant precedence over the page five details of a massive  horse-racing dope scandal, doping revelations (of a different kind) at the QEH, or the E-coli risk in backyard water? Or…Those are just three of the inside stories that should have challenged the fisherfolk.

It’s many a moon since Grumpy  was a member of the media world, but I don’t think my news sense has diminished that much. And I despair at the cult of trivia emanating from Waymouth Street….including the incestuous, back-slapping, double-page peans of praise to which we are being exposed on a daily basis.

Perhaps a WEA course in news-sense might be in order.



Grumpy’s now a Time Lord.

February 19, 2018

It all happened just an hour or so ago.

There I was, wearing my Parkside Ward Councillor countenance, at an open-to-the- public  gab fest with a double agenda…”Unley Precinct Opportunities” and “Caretaker Provisions”.  The first covering the perennial posing of questions about the future face of the village green,  and it’s surrounding buildings. The second dealing with the restrictions on Members behaviour that will be in place during the lead-up to the November Council elections.

Talk about a journey back to the future…

Without going into much detail on the first,  I admitted publicly (though there was not a single member of the public present to hear my confession) that there appeared to be precious little being discussed that I had not heard at least three times before at public meetings over the past half-decade. The future of the cottages. The tweaking of the Civic Centre accommodation. The boulevarde-style  treatment of Oxford Terrace. More car parking. Etc, etc.

As to the matter of how Elected Members can and cannot behave or work in the care-taker lead-up to the November elections, I confess to making an early exit from the meeting, mainly because I believe that the catalogue of convoluted “Cannots” will have little of any impact on my last eight months as the sole surviving representative (following John Koumi’s recent shock resignation) of the residents of Parkside Ward. Having stated on numerous occasions that I am a non-starter in the contest for that seat.

Despite that very relevant fact, what I MUST do is avoid being party to any involvement in “actions and decisions which could be perceived as intended to effect the results of an election or otherwise have a significant impact or unnecessarily bind the incoming Council”.

If you see what I mean.

Should you be masochistic enough to want more details perhaps you should enquire about the availability (or not) of the cover sheets  given to Members. As they deal directly with the open-to-the-public briefings I would assume there should be no impediment..




Labour promises more tram trauma

February 19, 2018

Dear Jay.

Have you some sort of death wish?

Have you actually wandered along North Terrace lately and gauged the level of angst  caused by the prolonged chaos brought about  by the three-stop tram extension?

Now you promise (threaten?) the populace with even more frustration of the same…

If you MUST go off the rails with extra tram trails, at least kill two birds with one stone. Have the work done by Chinese labour (in a tenth of the time) and then encourage them to stay on as New Chums to speed up the vision (numerical/ecological nightmare) of a major boost in our State’s population.



Dardanelles danger signs?

February 18, 2018

Eagle-eyed opponents of Adelaide City Council’s part in the disgraceful desecration of the world’s first tribute to the fallen of the First World War –the Dardanelles Cenotaph — have alerted Grumpy to the suspicious arrival of a Hazchem container on the  original Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue site. Make that of it what you will…

Despite tactics designed to shut down my part in the campaign to truly honour the dead of Gallipoli, Grumpy will continue to assert that the forthcoming transfer of the memorial to Kintore Avenue is an unforgiveable act of historical  government vandalism.

Ode to those Summertime Stobies.

February 17, 2018

Poster-time, and the voting’s approaching

Stobies are wearing those nauseous grins.

Grumpy is gleeful. And his aim is improving.

Aerosols  poised for some big facial spins.


(With abject apologies to  George Gershwin)




Hills Hoist historic hijack: Pt 2.

February 17, 2018

A sort of apology/explanation in today’s Tim Lloyd “Advertiser” column follow-up to his recent listing of the State’s 100 historical and cultural treasures…

In a bid to set the record straight about the iconic  rotary clothes hoist, Grumpy provided him with his treasured family history of the real innovator/inventor…Gilbert Toyne of (among other addresses)  Unley.

Today’s Tiser, listing readers’ suggestions for further items worthy of mention, states that “Yes, while Lance Hill’s Hoist became famous, Gilbert Toyne’s remarkably similar (AND EARLIER) version of the rotary hoist was not to achieve the same kind of fame”.





Grumpy solves Oinka’s money woes

February 17, 2018

Apparently there’s a ratepayers’ plan for strife-ridden Onkaparinga Council…a mass protest sit-in at it’s next public meeting.

Given the level of dissatisfaction down south, a $5-a-head entrance fee should go a LONG way to redressing the recent provocative mis-splurge of rates income…