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Footy “freebies”. Fraught with danger?

May 22, 2018

It may be drawing a long bow, as the saying goes, but …in this current climate of alleged  graft and corruption at third-tier Government level…could not complimentary tickets to (say) footy matches hold an inherent threat? Or are they regarded as a necessary aid for  Councillors to mix and mingle? Where do you draw the line?

Sounds crazy? It isn’t. In the current burgeoning, over-zealous bureaucracy, anything goes!!!


Oinkaparinga’s gone ever rasher…

May 22, 2018

I blame my warped sense of humour, but  I did myself a serious rupture this morning…thanks to the Tiser’s  page three revelation that THAT southern Council (so much in the news at present for it’s snouts-in-the-trough reputation) has monstered one of it’s residents for having a pig as a pet!!!

Who needs Monty Python when you have Oinkaparinga Council? Who have their knickers all of a twist over Allison Huveneer’s penchant for a porker.

“Bacon” (what else?) apparently has to have civic consent if he is to continue his seaside celebrity status, despite living the high life at Christies Beach since 2012.

My thanks to journalist Celeste Villani for her hilarious revelation. And may Bacon have a long, hoop-jumping, skateboarding , celebrity existence.

P.s. I refrain from any reference to snouts in the trough!!!




May 22, 2018

It’s a great jazz standard. A wonderful tribute penned way, way back in the early part of the last century by American Fred Stobaugh as a farewell to Lorraine, his wife of almost 75 years.

Which it is, or seems to be, about as long as South Australia has had to endure the unbelievable saga of it’s very own Lorraine…the Rosenberg version, embattled Onkaparinga Mayor, boss cocky at the Local Government Association and serial filler of newspaper headlines.

Cabel Bond, in today’s “Advertiser”, understates the whole sorry saga by describing the unbelievable antics down south as causing “a fair bit of consternation”. Rather like catergorising the sinking of the Titanic as a minor maritime mishap.

At some stage this whole debacle must be put to rest. And I will not resile from my stance on the LGA, a body that costs Unley Council a not-inconsiderable annual membership fee.

Meanwhile, turn to page 18 of the Tiser  for Mr Bond’s viewpoint.



ANZAC Highway invasion fears.

May 21, 2018

Further to my previous blog on the issue, it now transpires (if my maths are correct) that the proposed Kaufland mega-market planned on the old Le Cornu site at the northern end of Anzac Highway will operate TWENTYONE hours a day…from midnight until

Not-so-strangely,  the news is far from welcome for those unlucky enough to be directly affected by the extended trading, let alone by noise, parking problems and traffic movements.

In a move which seems to blatantly favour the German company, which is apparently planning a massive $34million establishment that will dwarf existing businesses with a similar clientele, public consultation is being restricted to those living within a derisory SIXTY metres!!!

Let’s hope that plans to overturn that impediment will be successful.

More later.

Five months start in Council campaigns.

May 20, 2018

November is a loooong way off,  but there is movement in the candidacy camps, with at least one contender already out of the starting gate in the UnleyCC Stakes.

No names from me at this stage, as I don’t want to be seen as giving anyone a preferential boost. But you will probably have spotted his advertisement in the local press.

I predict a veritable winter/spring  whirlwind of wannabe words from the various hopefuls between now and polling day.

LGA. Let’s Get Angry…

May 20, 2018

Watch this space for some trenchant Grumpiness support for the remarks and revelations in today’s Sunday Mail about what some people in the know  consider a huge waste of time and ratepayers’ money.

I refer, of course, to the Local Government Association,  whose coffers benefit from a not-insignificant donation from the ratepayers of Unley.

Why the delay? In these troubles times of threats and litigation against anyone who has the temerity to voice a criticism, I need advice on just how far I can go without legal hurdles such as the catch-all  Council world’s  “Code of Conduct” muzzle.



Roll up to Sturt Bowling Club

May 18, 2018

Free and foot-loose on a Wednesday afternoon?

The perfect answer is on hand. A congenial and cheap ($5!!!}  roll-up for a couple of hours on Unley’s immaculate Edmund Avenue greens, alongside Unley Oval.

Be there at noon to sign in, with play starting at 1.p.m, which you gives you plenty of time for a natter, some practice (if you need it), and very reasonable bar prices!

What more could you ask for???.

And tell em Grumpy sent you.