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Terror across the Tasman.

August 19, 2018

In the history of sporting feuds, there is nothing to beat the little matter of the marathon massacre of Australia’s finest by the rampaging, relentless mob of assassins known as the All Blacks.

Sadly, Grumpy is one of the long-suffering victims of the unstoppable Kiwis, who have just (surprise, surprise)  inflicted their 15th successive Bledisloe Cup humiliation on our boys in yellow.

Just when it looked as if our lads were about to stop the  run of defeats (we were leading by six points after 36 minutes) the visitors to Sydney’s ANZ Stadium stormed home to walk away 38 to13.


Rate capping, and…

August 17, 2018

Gazing into his crystal ball, currently clouded by the spectre of rate capping, your very own fortune teller predicts that  there are dangerous reefs ahead in the ocean of local government.

Not only from the financial restraints looming in the guise of rate capping, but a not-too-far-away attack on the number of councils, aka amalgamations.

Thankfully, like at least five of my fellow Unley councillors, I will be sitting  on the sidelines when the axe falls.

Thankfully because I will not have to bear the brunt of resident discontent when the adverse effects of “bigger is better” become evident.

Typhoon warning mistake

August 15, 2018

Weather forecast sources have scotched rumours of a category nine storm warning in Adelaide’s  southern suburbs.

Apparently it was merely the combined sighs of relief from the ratepayers of Onkaparinga on hearing that Mayor Rosenberg  would not be seeking re-election…

Queensland Box threat

August 14, 2018

Seems that those  ball-bearing street trees are posing a danger in other council areas, with the call for their mass culling.

Having just this afternoon walked along Kenilworth Road from Glen Osmond Road to Chez Grumpy,  one of Unley’s major sites for the trees in question, there did not seem to be much of a problem.

More on the subject in a day or two. So watch this space for what could have all the basis for an election issue.


Duthy Street controversy twist

August 12, 2018

A “For Sale” sign has appeared on the single-fronted cottage on Edmund Avenue alongside the former Duthy Street  service station at the centre of a controversial bid for a major commercial upgrade.

With petitions from concerned residents circulating in the district  it will be interesting to see the outcome of the planned application…with the alternative of a high-rise residential development lurking on the sidelines.

Watch this space for developments.

Meanwhile, at the other end of Edmund Avenue, a “Sold” sign has gone up for a corner  villa that was passed in at $1.8million at auction a week or two ago.

Nutty news.

August 12, 2018

Story of the month…on page 64 of the Sunday Mail.

Police in Germany called in to rescue a man being chased down the street… by a baby squirrel,  apparently traumatised by the death of it’s mother..

Rate capping battle looms

August 10, 2018

The Local Government Association has voted unanimously to go into battle over the contentious issue of rate capping.

This morning’s decision was based on feedback from members, the lack of evidence that rate capping will deliver efficiencies, and the failure of similar systems interstate.

Announcing the decision to Mayors and Councillors across the State, President Sue Clearihan said that the LGA decision was based on published evidence and careful consideration about the impacts on metropolitan and regional communities.

“We want to work with the Government and the Parliament on reforms that actually work and we’ve worked with councils to develop a comprehensive reform agenda.

“The LGA is moving ahead with a suite of commercial services for members that are projected to save our sector millions of dollars every year.”

The LGA is going to continue to talk to all parties, and members have been urged to contact Labor Mps and MLCs to let them know that the Local Government sector does not support the bill , and that it wants them to honour their pre-election commitment to oppose the  policy.