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Everest overload

April 24, 2018

Ever since  Englishman  Mallory conquered Everest back in the early Twenties (predating  bee=keeping  Kiwi Hillary by a mere three decades!!!) the world’s highest peak has faced a deluge (if that’s the right word) of wannabes. .

Just how  much the challenge has been discounted since then was graphically demonstrated on the front page of Nepal’s “Himalayan” daily newspaper a few days ago.

The list of followers in the footsteps of those early pioneers includes no fewer than 300 foreigners attempting to reach the summit this (northern) spring season, including  48-year-old Sherpa Kami Rita Sherpa(22 times) and 45-year-old Lakha Sherpa, who  is off to the Tibet side for a record ninth time!

Then there’s  Chinese double-amputee (!!) Xia Boyu waiting in the wings, alongside Japanese woman Funahiashi, a mere 79-year-old.

The way things are heading, with myriad fixed ropes and ladders festooning  the   pathway to the top, maybe the time has  come for a rethink on the high-altitude pack rape.


Glenside tragedy. Part 2.

April 23, 2018

OK. So I’ve said it before. But it’s worth repeating, now that the massive congratulatory billboards have sprung up along the Fullarton Road frontage to what was once the mini Glenside forest.

Rip the heart out of what was once a major contribution to the district’s chlorophyll output and then try to mask the massacre with smug, misleading advertising hoardings extolling the non-existent arboreal oxygen lung.

Appalling, shameful  cynicism at it’s very worst.

Privacy? You’ve GOT to be joking…

April 22, 2018

It’s bad enough having to contend with those selfish, stupid “mobile” owners who now infest our streets and suburbs. Those serial talkers who infest pavements and public spaces with their insatiable need to be in contact with someone, somewhere, all the time, and to hell with everyone else.

I have a simple solution. No surrender. No swerving. No side-stepping. And at 110k it’s VERY effective!

But, just when you think you have conquered the louts at ground level, along comes a much more dangerous and insidious weapon.

Don’t look now, but your privacy and very life is now in danger as the “To hell with you” brigade have a new weapon of mass distraction/destruction at their disposal.

Drones. Spies in the sky. Snoopers above.

Don’t worry though. Those in charge of our environment assure us that it will be alright on the night. The aerial, pilotless space intruders will be subject to strict safety guidelines.Which, somehow, do not fill me with peace of mind when we are told that they will be able, in the not-too-distant future, to have the capacity to deliver cargoes the size of grand pianos.

Stay tuned…



Kathmandu. Another near miss.

April 21, 2018

Grumpy had been safely out of Nepal for three days  back in 2016 when the Himalayan country was struck by an earthquake which devastated a number of settlements and claimed 10,000 lives.

This time the margin of escape was FOUR days, with  the self-same flight that Yours Truly took  out of Kathmandu International Airport to Kuala Lumpur on Monday aborted this afternoon  (Saturday)  when it slid off the runway , cancelling all flights…

Must rush out and buy a lottery ticket!!

Jumping for joy.

April 21, 2018

They caused something of a stir (and a 600-signature petition) when they were hastily removed from the Katherine Street Reserve  to appease a local resident annoyed by the noise of their bouncing.

The GOOD news is that, with a bit of judicious rearranging, the trampolines are back and bouncing once again.

Grumpy would LOVE to be a user…but at 110kg it’s probably best that I keep my feet firmly on the ground!!!

Rabbiting on about bunnies.

April 19, 2018

If we’d known about the publication before we (read Her Indoors) had stumbled across  the definitive  tome on the care and maintenance of rabbits, I seriously doubt we would have acquired the outdoor tenants who now rule the roost (aka hutch) that is now the focal point of Chateau Grumpy’s extensive grounds.

Because, gentle reader, there’s one heck of a lot of dos and do-nots when it comes to welcoming  furry, long-haired additions to the family circle.

There are essential rules to follow if you join the families who have gone down that path. And, believe me, you will be staggered at just how complicated it is to care effectively for your new companions.

Help, however, is at hand, and apparently has been so for many a moon.

I refer you to a 14-page (free) booklet which has been around for almost a couple of decades, thanks to the dedication of one Wendy Parsons, author of (ouch,  how I HATE   puns) “Bunny  Business”.

Enough already. Just log on to and prepare yourself to follow a guide to everything from de-sexing (the single most important thing, apparently, you can do to successfully house-train your bunnies) and providing the necessary diversions to keep them contented and healthy.

Can’t stop. Have to hop outside and  make sure that everything is in order.



King William Road on the (premature)agenda.

April 19, 2018

Watch out for a major story in (probably) next week’s “Courier Messenger” about the future treatment of King William Road.

Will it be replacement paving? Will it be bland bitumen? Will there be a move to curtail the shopping venue’s major role in commuter traffic through the Unley Council area?

More vital, from my viewpoint, is not the “whats?” but the all important “when?”

Given that there could be a dramatic shift in the 13-membership of Unley Council in November (anything up to seven or so new faces seems to be the consensus), it appears to Grumpy that we are being premature in coming to a decision  at this stage. That, and the above “givens”, would appear to support a more measured schedule.

OK, it might seem to be a cop-out. But it’s not as if a matter of months will make a great deal of difference to the facelift of our commercial showpiece.

Let’s sure that we get it right.