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“Masterplan” mania.

June 1, 2014

If there’s one thing that Local Government  participants  like (well, some of them ) is a master plan. Or, even better, two.

Which is why the corridors  of Unley Civic Centre are ringing with triple  hosannahs at the moment.

For, gentle reader, we have (count them) an MP for Oxford Terrace, an MP for King William Road, and an MP for “Unley Central”, the area encircling the Unley Shopping Centre.

Oh, unbridled bliss!

That total could have been four, of course, if the MP for Unley Oval hadn’t  thankfully dribbled away to the question of upgrading the Double Blues player  facilities, ditto the lights and (wait for it) the problematic picket fence.

If you  read the Courier Messenger you will probably be au fait with the idea of turning Oxford Terrace into a traffic free precinct…a delightful concept nevertheless  fraught  by the spectre of  traffic flow headaches  and business and residential accessibility.

To put it mildly, Unley Central is somewhat more complicated, costly  and controversial, with major implications for the whole of the city’s hub.

Both of the above are in the long-term concept zone, and will not only not come to fruition for more than a decade but perhaps longer, whereas the transformation  of King William Road into a much more shopper-friendly destination could, finances permitting, occur a mite earlier.

We live in interesting and busy “workshop” times.

And a MP P.S.

Scheduled for a briefing session next month is…wait for it, wait  for it…a “Water Sensitivity Urban Design Master Plan”. My knees are atremble.

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