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“Express Lane” blues.

June 2, 2014

No, this isn’t about a lament from a disappointed  train traveller in the Mississippi Delta…

It’s about a news item on page 8 of today’s “Advertiser” which brings home to me just how old fashioned “Grumpy” is when it comes to money.

It seems that very soon  millions of Australians risk being stranded at the checkout if they try to pay for goods (and I quote) “The old-fashioned way”… by signing . In future the signature will be banned and all card holders will have to complete transactions by entering a four-digit personal identification number .Wow, how complicated that must be!

Which brings me to the grump of the day.

If signing for a card is “old fashioned”, what is the adjective for someone who deals in CASH? You know, metal discs and pieces of folding paper?

How long   before that form of transaction is made illegal is as much a matter of concern for  me as those future  four-digit-challenged shoppers who already make a joke of the “express” in express lanes. First they have to dig deep into their wallets to look for (surprise, surprise,) the card, having ignored the “15 items or less” notice. Then they don’t know how to insert it in the machine, while totally not understanding how the things work. All of which switches the “express” into a slow siding.

When I eventually arrive at the cashier I always  apologise profusely, shame-facedly hand over the correct amount of CASH and depart swiftly wondering whether I can sue the store for false “Express” advertising.

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