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Money-hungry mums-to-be should do their sums

June 22, 2014

stomach-childTwo stories in this weekend’s “Mundane Snail” about contraception and the  cost of  living are not only separated by  18 pages, but also, as far as I can work out, by a yawning gap of logical mathematics  and foresight.

I only just scraped through  maths as a graduation subject, so  perhaps I am way off  beam, but the two items just don’t seem to add up.

Page one of our  weakly weekly trumpets  a story about “Wage slave mums”, and goes on to report that  when they return to work after producing  Shane, Sharlene or whatever, child care costs, income tax and forfeited government benefits leave them with a take-home wage of less than $5 an hour.

Page  18 of our august piece of journalism then  reveals that the Federal Government’s new paid-parental scheme, to be introduced next year,  is likely to produce a mid-year baby boom as  allegedly savvy parents cash in on the chance to get 26 weeks’ maternity pay, of up to $50,000.

Which would seem to me that  getting pregnant just for the dollars  is VERY short-sighted. And that you will have no real grounds for gripes when you qualify in four or five years for the “Slave wage mum” title.

Meanwhile, parents-to-be, please consider the ecological consequences of  large families. Australia is already way past the ideal population figure, based on our natural resources. It may be ego-boosting to boast of a dozen or more grandchildren, but it is environmentally inexcusable.  Our responsible  aim from now on should be of zero population growth. Our Federal Government should  be castigated for ITS  short-sightedness.

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  1. Youngslightlygrumpy permalink
    June 23, 2014 11:04 am

    It was always worth a laugh, hearing these stories, legend or otherwise, of how the baby bonus boosted fertility, as if a few thousand dollars would somehow make the raising of a child a profitable venture!
    I agree over population is a curse, and dropping fertility levels is a good news story. Too much human misery and poverty stems from galloping population numbers.
    At the same time developed nations like Australia need to be very careful, lest they fall into a demographic hole, similar to Japan and Italy,where fertility has falled below replacement levels and becomes a crisis. I would not want to see an anti child mentality develop amongst certain people any more than i would wish to see a return to the days of an unsustainable population explosion


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