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Restrict the Aboriginal acknowledgement? Opinions welcomed…

June 25, 2014

DesertAs predicted by “Grumpy”  last week, the question of the traditional pre-meeting acknowledgement of the Aboriginal people’s place in the pre-European occupation of the Plains prompted some comment at Monday’s Unley Council meeting.

While I suggested (under the “Matters of Concern” on the  agenda), that the acknowledgement should be confined to Council meetings and special occasions…such as the Citizenship ceremonies… others went further, saying that it should only happen at the first meeting of a Council’s four-year term and then  sparingly at major Council events.

Whether this will happen or not depends on a decision by Elected Members, and with a new Council  just a few months away (the elections are in November)  it might be more appropriate to initiate any change at that time.

P.s. The Advertiser’s letters pages today (June  25th) carry a letter from me supporting  respected Aboriginal spokesperson Lowita O’Donoghue‘s stance on this controversial issue. If you have a view on this issue, I’d love to hear it…


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