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Greenhill Road revised plan.

June 30, 2014

There’s bad news and there’s bad news…

The Department of Transport’s boffins have revised their sledgehammer “solution” to the question of  traffic control between George Street, Parkside, and Goodwood Road with a proposal that will still mean that in most cases motorists entering and leaving Greenhill Road will  have to negotiate  a series of  “no entry” obstacles.

For access to the 50,000-per day traffic route,  drivers exiting  Anglo Avenue and Montpelier or Porter Street  and wanting to head EASTWARD will have to join and cross three lanes of WESTWARD-bound traffic to access a slip lane on the northern side of the median strip, and then do a U-turn at  an opening  just west of Porter Street. All the time hoping that traffic already heading east on Greenhill Road will let them in.  Simple, eh?

MEANWHILE… eastward bound traffic  on Greenhill Road wanting to enter Porter  will have to negotiate a median strip U-turn  between Porter and Montpelier.  Those bound for Montpelier and Anglo Avenue will have to proceed almost to George Street, where, once again, there will be a slip-road and U-turn available to enable them to backtrack in a westerly direction.

Easy? I will be asking questions of you later!!!

MEANWHILE (again) the same tortuous situation will, if  DPTI have their way, Douglas and Liston Street are facing the same sort of dodging and weaving to head east, using  slipways to leave and enter Greenhill Road.

Between Unley Road and Goodwood Road…

there will be  westbound exit  only from Salisbury Street, with eastbound traffic provided with a U-turn facility just short of Unley Road.

Palmerston road and Roberts Street will have left-turn only, with those wanting to head east will have to use a slip road U-turn facility just short of King William Road..

Between Bartley Crescent and Goodwood Road, Clark Street exit traffic will be able to go both east and west, but leaving Joslin Street east-bound drivers will have to use a slip road and U=turn facility some metres to the west.

If all the above is too complicated, turn up at the Goodwood Community Centre’s banquet hall at 32-34 Rosa Street at 6.p.m. on Thursday, July 10th, when all will be revealed in living colour.

Goodnight and good luck.

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  1. Cr Bob Schnell permalink
    June 30, 2014 2:48 pm

    These will be radical changes for the locals and trying times for visitors to the area.
    Only those with the latest map updates on their GPS will get in or out.
    I provided information on my blog on 27-June. The biggest turn-out of residents was for the Wayville and Parkside areas. Visit my blog for more details, especially the feedback from residents … 🙂


  2. Ian permalink
    July 1, 2014 4:20 am

    Surely the Council needs to consult the community about the matter of pickets.
    The oval is perfect the way it is.
    Is there an ongoing safety issue?


    • cllrmikehudson permalink*
      July 1, 2014 11:47 pm

      Of course not. In all my many years on Council I have never sighted a report of an incident involving human safety. Just one attack by one dog on another, caused by the attacker’s owner being too small to control her pet!. This is ALL based on finance. And nothing to do with common sense.


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