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Mozzie menace confirmed.

July 1, 2014

At last! Official confirmation of a death warning that I have been promoting for more years than I care to remember…

Tucked away at the bottom of page eight of today’s “Advertiser”  (it should have been front page news alongside the report of  Rolf Harris’s guilt), comes a warning that thousands of people would be in danger of  potentially deadly Ross River Fever if a new northern   suburb in Buckland Park goes ahead.

The belated acknowledgement of  the danger of developing suburbia alongside cosily  named “wetlands” (aka swamps) vindicates  my campaign of awareness that has drawn criticism and disbelief for more than a decade.

To quote the “Advertiser” story:

” Thousands of people who move to a proposed northern suburbs satellite city will be at risk of catching Ross River fever””.

The warning has come from Playford City Council, which says the Buckland Park project and flat terrain makes it a mosquito “hot spot”, putting at risk the 33,ooo people expected to move there in the next 20 years

In line with my long-standing warning of exotic disease from mosquito bites, the Tiser report states that Ross River Virus symptoms include headaches, swollen joints, muscle pain and rashes.

Meanwhile Playford Council is planning a strategy over the next five years to combat mozzies.

Let’s hope that Adelaide City Council has the good sense to take a long, hard  look at its  dangerous concept of widespread “wetlands” on the southern parklands, an area well within the mosquito  flying distance of  Unley’s northern suburbs.

The battle for commonsense goes on, and I intend to (again) bring the matter of mozzies to the attention of Unley Council.



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