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Red faces over Blues’ Oval fencing campaign.

July 7, 2014

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

How embarrassing!

One of the main planks of the “Fence it”  brigade’ s high-level   push for a picket fence around Unley Oval is the assertion that it will somehow turn the home of the Double Blues into an attractive “English village green”.


Wrong and impossible.

A recent Grumpy post pointed out that English village greens surrounded by pickets was about as common as a mob of unicorns.  I know. I was a resident of the New Forest in Hampshire, the county  famous as the birthplace of cricket… and its unfenced common land.

I’ve just discovered why.

Guided by another ex-pat, co-councillor Rufus Salaman, I have accessed something called the English  “Inclosure Act”,   still in place, which makes it a criminal act  to: “Undertake any act which interrupts the use of a green as a place of exercise and recreation (e.g. fencing a green so as to prevent access”).

And just to scotch any quibbling about the term “prevent access”,  the Commons Act of 1876 makes it a “public nuisance” to “enclose a green (i.e. by fencing it in whether or not the effect is to exclude public access)”.

Which is precisely what the Oval idea to benefit Sturt is.

If you want the Oval to stay as it is, please make your opinion heard. Phone calls are not enough.  To ensure that there is a record of your concern, put it in writing.

Don’t be mistaken. There is  high-level backing for the pro-fence faction. Very high.





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