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Sturt fan backs fence ban.

July 8, 2014

Let’s hope there are more thinking, responsible  Double Blues  fans out there .

There IS hope, viz this email from a Parkside supporter.

Dear Mike.

I am both a Sturt supporter and rate payer. As a supporter I understand the club’s desire for a permanent fence around the oval – however, as a rate payer I have to oppose the move strongly.

Unley Oval is a wonderful open space that is used by the community in many ways for recreational purposes. Fencing it in, even with regular openings, creates the impression that it is private property and will discourage the public from using it. Also, a fence would be detrimental to what most urban planners nowadays regard as good urban design: open, uninterrupted spaces.

In addition, Sturt FC, much as I  like it, is still a business that has to support itself. If it cannot afford to put up a temporary fence on match days, then something is wrong with their business model, which cannot be the rate payers’ responsibility to solve.

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  1. Youngslightlygrumpy permalink
    July 8, 2014 9:36 am

    Some interesting thoughts.
    The last paragraph i think however misrepresents the situation.
    Every business i have been involved in has to look at it’s practices and devise way’s of doing things better.
    The current practice of erecting fencing on match day, only to take down that same fencing a few hours’ later, is ludicrously inefficient, as well as costly and disruptive. I’ve seen the work gang on their tractor charge out just after after the final siren with the area still flooded with children kicking a footy. It strikes me as utterly unsafe and not a terribly sensible practice. I understand the need to dismantle the fence in daylight, but it defies belief that that is the best option available.
    The council too has a responsibility to ensure that it’s work practices are as efficient and cost effective as possible, for the sake of rate payers. If there is a more viable alternative to what they do currently then they are bound to explore that option.
    The contention is around whether or not a permanent fence would detract from the open space feel and use of the precinct. That is what each individual has to decide.


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