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Sturt “haters” ruffle mayoral feathers.

July 8, 2014

Local elections are a fair way off yet…November to be exact…but at least one more-than-probable candidate for re=election is off and running in his campaign.

Mayor Lachlan Clyne, whom I  have always supported in Council, especially in the early and  darkest days of his term of office, has launched a scathing attack on  those members of the Unley community who are daring to question the need for a fence around Unley Oval.

In a post on his website announcing the times he will be staking out the Oval to garner support for  the fairytale pickets, designed, it has been inaccurately  claimed in a Council-issued newsletter  to replicate some mythical “English village greens”, Mayor Clyne catergorises those who oppose his view as “people who so  hate Sturt that they’ll do anything, including being outraged at a picket fence that they’ll rally against it”.

I will continue to support Mayor Clyne, when , as I know, he seeks re-election, but he does himself no favours by  alienating a large sector of the city with his intemperate language.

Lachlan,  you know very well  that I do not “hate” Sturt. Sure I am no fan of footy as a sport , but  I have fully supported the need for better lighting and improved facilities for players.

Your tirade is a sad blemish on what has, in the main, been an outstanding mayoralty. Please, tone down your outrage at people who do not agree with you!!!

Yours in sadness, Councillor Mike Hudson.



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  1. July 9, 2014 7:43 am

    Hi Mike and to your readers.

    I think it would be helpful to all if we calm the waters so let me try and help matters by saying, Mike, you’re a top bloke and a great champion and advocate for your residents.

    Now, I have to say that the majority of people I’ve spoken to are in favor of a picket fence. Not all, but a majority. That said, nearly everyone has also been very strong in their opinion that the fence must have between 2 and 3 gates close to each of the cardinal points.

    I don’t mind people being against the oval but I have heard a number of people who are against the fence also comment that they do not like Sturt because of things which happened at about the same time I was born. I think that both you and I want to help heal that rift. Now not everyone who is against a fence is also against Sturt.

    I’m going to go down to Unley Oval and I hope some of your readers can come and chat with me about what they think in relation to the picket fence:

    Thursday 10th 7:00am – 9:00am

    Friday 11th 7:00am – 9:00am

    Saturday 12th 7:00am – 9:00am

    Thursday 17th 7:00am – 9:00am

    Friday 18th 7:00am – 8:30am

    Thursday 24th 7am – 9:00am

    In the mean time, community consultation continues. So have your say by clicking the URL here:

    And as Mike says, he’s not a Sturt Hater, he supports upgraded lighting and grandstands.


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