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Pickets? It’s not the Unley thing we worry about…

July 9, 2014

Whatever the pros and cons of the increasingly controversial “Battle of the pickets”, it is essential for the dignity of Local Government — and in particular Unley — that the whole sorry  saga does not escalate to the  point that it becomes the farcical  focal point of the November Council elections, as has been flagged by Mayor Lachlan Clyne.

Mayor Clyne and I do not always agree (I KNOW I am always right!)  but on the above I believe we stand united.

Unley has a great record of excellent service to its ratepayers. To see its enviable  reputation of community works relegated to the background while a fence steals the spotlight would be tragic.

We have so  much more on our plate of major importance.

*    The continuing problems associated with commuter traffic and commuter parking.

*    The spectre of flooding from the Brownhill and Keswick Creek.

*     The escalating  loss of street trees.

*     Rate rises forced on us by increasing prices of materials and the reduction/removal  of Federal grants.

All these and more occupy the minds of Councillors and Council staff on a daily basis. THESE should be the focus of our attention.

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