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Thanks, Mr Mullighan

July 9, 2014

Credit where credit is due (even if I would like to think that, as I have been told by a source close to Parliament, my serial grumps had some not-so-small  part to play). So here’s a “thankyou” to Transport Minister Mr Mullighan for the good news about Millswood.

Seems that there is movement at the station and the word has got around that the promise of revival’s on its way….(thank you, Banjo).

It has been reported that, all things going smoothly, we could hear the long-time deserted platforms ringing to the footsteps of grateful commuters. Sometime towards spring. Wahoo

P.s. (There’s always an “If”). How about you were to take a look, Minister, at what is going on just north of Unley. The $1.4million that it is planned to spend on solving an almost non-existent “danger” zone of Greenhill Road could be better used elsewhere, such as on the promotion of  a southern  “park and ride” initiative to relieve Unley from the constant pressure of the commuter routes it unhappily straddles.,

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