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Greenhill Road waste of time …and $1.4million

July 10, 2014

OK. Maybe I was a bit miffed at having to miss an important citizenship ceremony at Unley Town Hall.

But to my jaundiced eye the “consultation” meeting at Goodwood Community Centre last night (July 1oth) over  plans by the Department of Transport for a $1.4million revamp of Greenhill Road was a complete and utter waste of time.

Battling against a stream of questions from  concerned residents of roads between Goodwood Rd and George Street I felt that the powers-that-be were merely going through the motions and were determined to proceed…to the extent of saying that work would begin as soon as the Royal Show was over. Not a lot of time for more consideration to be given to the continuing fears of residents of the northern stretch of Unley! But that’s just a personal view.

I asked a number of statistical questions, such as comparison of accident figures on similar roads in the metropolitan area. No answer.

I asked why it was necessary to alter the Anglo Avenue junction  because of just four accidents in five years. No answer.

I pointed out that by my calculations the 105 accidents reported over five years of 50,00o vehicle trips per day means the staggering figure of  just one accident every 861,850 journeys. Give or take a few hundred.

Which, gentle reader I suggest is not the making of a black spot!!! No response.

What eventually prompted my premature departure to attend a citizenship  ceremony at the Unley Town Hall was the realisation that there was Buckley’s that the plans on display would be tinkered with in any way. That and the comment that if there were unforeeen consequences it was up to the Unley Council to instigate their own traffic management plan!!!


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