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Double Blues’ blue language blues.

July 25, 2014

Sturt supremo Sue Dewing has moved swiftly to ensure that members of the club’s cheer squad get the message that verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

The warning comes following an incident at a game against West Adelaide which led to  that club’s defender Adam Hartlett copping a three-match suspension for a “physical altercation” with a cheersquad member.

It wasn’t the only incident to mar the game, apparently. Hartlett said that he had received physical threats throughout the match and personal abuse targetting his family. And he was approached “aggressively”  by another Sturt fan on the oval at three-quarter time.

Ms Dewing is quoted in the Advertiser’s sports pages as saying she will have no hesitation in having supporters banned if they continue to indulge in foul language and “really offensive personal comments”. And squad members have been warned formally that their club membership will be cancelled if there is a repeat of Saturday’s behaviour.

All  in all a great and unnecessary  pity, given the club’s major performance turnaround this season.

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