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Get stuffed…

July 25, 2014

…if you want to be “in” with the in crowd.

It’s NOT just my imagination, but of late the two leading Adelaide auction houses….Scammells and Small and Whitfield…have been dealing with a huge and seemingly endless collection  of stuffed reconstructions of hoof and hide.

doing-it-wrong-taxidermy-4The first of the above  mentioned establishments kick-started the resurgence of the craze a year or two ago when it presented lovers of dead animals with what was, I think, a massive musk-ox the size of your average suburban loungeroom. Maybe it was that which deterred would-be  big-game hunters, but whatever the cause, the gigantic reconstruction  lingered for what seemed an eon. Mercifully and mothily it eventually vanished and somewhere in Edwardstown or perhaps Salisbury North an unsuspecting visitor suffers cardiac arrest when stumbling across it in the hallway.

Meanwhile, there is good(?) news for those of you who hanker for corpses.Just wander down to the northern end of Unley Road this Monday evening and prepare to empty your wallet.  A puny English badger can be bought for a mere $100 or so. Want a bearskin rug for some upmarket howsyourfather  and you will have to fork out anything up to $3000.

But don’t be hasty to empty the piggybank. (Oops)  Not many of your acquaintances can come up with the readies for a $9500 Yukon moose.And for the ultimate one-upmanship? A whole whale skull (allegedly washed up many moons ago on a Queensland beach). With a whale of a price tag. $15,000.

Don’t get swamped in the rush.

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