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Christmas in July.

July 28, 2014

One of the pleasant duties as a Councillor is to  be part of the system which allows Council to recognise in a monetary as well as verbal way the volunteer groups and individuals who add so greatly to the lifestyle our residents enjoy.

As a member of the “Community Grants Committee” I am always amazed at the depth and  breadth of the various organisations in the “City of Villages” who come to us seeking support for their involvement in the city. But it’s also a somewhat sad task having to decide  between who will and  will not be successful in their submission for our financial support.

Last week was the half-yearly distribution of the committee’s budget, and the Town Hall was packed with representatives of the successful organisations. A crowd which demonstrated the huge variety of volunteerism we have.

To name just a few:

‘Neighbours in Liston Street”, who  beautified their area by decorating the stobie poles,   and  had a great time doing it and fostering neighbourliness.

“The Broughton Art Centre” for assisting  people living with a disability.

The Goody Patch”

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