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Greenhill Road: Wins and losses.

July 28, 2014

The Department of Transport’s controversial $1.4million “upgrade”of Greenhill Road between George Street, Parkside, and the Showgrounds,  will begin in a month or two, despite some residents’ fears that the alteration to entrances and exits into Unley’s northern suburbs will cause residents inconvenience.

Under the scheme, which is based on the department’s figures of just one crash in every 900,000 vehicle trips, drivers will not be able to turn right out of Anglo Avenue or Porter Street, but will have to travel westwards towards Unley Road before negotiating three lanes of traffic and accessing  a break in the median strip to execute a U-turn westwards. Vehicles wanting to enter those roads from the west   will have to undertake the same manoeuvre in reverse.

Unfortunately the plans are too large to reproduce here, but are available   for viewing at the Council offices


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  1. Ian permalink
    July 29, 2014 6:54 am

    The real losers in the whole scheme are those people who want to access the parklands. The 6 lane highway is still a major barrier to the people that have most to gain; the children and the elderly. DPTI has lost touch with the human aspect of what they are doing and are treating everyone as a number or an element of a dataset. The solution is being ‘engineered’ rather than being ‘designed’. Maybe further discussion could be held on the other side of the council elections. After all, DPTI only manage from kerb to kerb.


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