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Centennial Park mistakes.

July 29, 2014

As usual, the media gets it wrong…

This time it is talkback  Jeremy Cordeaux of 5AA fame, commenting on the length of tenure for graves in Centennial Park, the Pasadena cemetery. Following up, I assume, on the six  or seven page advertisement in the weekend press revealing the large number of gravesites where licences are now subject to renewal.

The announcement, which is required by law, relates to those sites of burials more than 50 years old NOT 25 , and gives the relatives a chance to extend tenure of the site of their loved ones. In fact is that only a small percentage of licences are renewed, with the remainder adding to the cemetery’s stock of useable land.

What is not generally understood by the public, and, obviously some sectors of the media,  is that  for 50 years after the last interment the authority has a legal responsibility to maintain the facility in good condition. Should that be beyond the financial resources of the CP authority the huge onus will fall on the joint owners…the Unley and Mitcham Councils, and thus the ratepayers. This is all about  sensible long-term planning, not money-making.


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