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Parkside’s new community garden.

July 29, 2014

images (1)It’s been a long time coming, but the final hurdle to the expansion of Parkside Primary School’s garden plot into the suburb’s latest community garden is about to be removed.

At Monday’s meeting of Unley Council, members voted unanimously to support an  amendment  to its Joint Use agreement with the school and the Minister of Education, which currently only covers the oval. Several years ago Council undertook investigations, including community consultation, to  identify opportunities to establish more community gardens within the city. Parkside was a favourable option to be pursued.

Recent meetings between  Council and the school reached an agreement that the plots already created and lovingly looked after by students… alongside the school’s tennis court facing Young Street… would be expanded by the creation of a secure garden.

The project will be at no cost to the Council, but at a later date the project will be eligible to seek funding   under the Community Grants scheme.

As a long-time proponent of community gardens…I campaigned against the idea of Council selling the housing blocks that are now the  award-winning Fern Avenue Community Garden in Fullarton…the latest news is very welcome. Not only will it compliment the sensory garden established at the nearby Eastwood Community Centre in memory of my dear friend Mairi Spedding, the centre’s long-serving  administrator, but hopefully it will become part of the cooperative circle of similar projects around Unley, such as the Goody Patch. The latter, incidentally, was one of the deserving recipients of Council’s grants scheme a few days ago.

All the above, combined with the recent purchase by Council of six or so building blocks in Fullarton, is great news for a city which has possibly the lowest ratio of open space of any suburban council.


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