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Cordeaux confesses.

August 4, 2014

Just 12 hours or so after posting my revelations about radio talk-back identity Jeremy Cordeaux’s grisly grizzly secret…that he shares his hacienda with a giant stuffed brown  bear…I bumped into him at Monday’s Scammells auction in Kent Town.

Was it true, I said, or had I been conned?grizzly-catching-a-fish

Yes…and no .Yes. He DID have a taxidermic treasure.And  NO I had not been conned…just conservative.

Seems the man from 5aa has no fewer than THREE monsters to keep him company .  (Those are they, pictured right, hunting for food in the Cordeaux garden pool just before being terminated).They  share house space with a collection of suits of armour…which might come in VERY handy  as protection should  the  trio spring back into life…

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  1. H S Cook permalink
    August 6, 2014 2:04 pm

    Re Jeremy’s taxidermy bears. Strewth, and I’ll be stuffed, like the bears.


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