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Freeway’s financial futility.

August 10, 2014

Drove down to  Willunga yesterday morning  to watch my twinnie grand-daughters play soccer.

Got there and back  a few minutes earlier than usual, thanks to the newly opened two-way freeway, even though, for the life of me, I could see no reason for the 8okph restrictions.

Point of the story?

549897-southern-expresswayYes, it looks good. But is it REALLY worth the  apparent $30million a year in interest on the loan we had to take out?

One of my passengers made the very valid point that the two-way money pit ends at Darlington at a set of traffic lights, bringing everyone to a grinding halt both ways when the obvious thing to have done was to have either a bridge or an underpass.

Mind you, that would, of course, merely move the bottleneck further north  each and  every day both ways.

Perhaps, just perhaps, someone with foresight and financial nous could have championed the idea of NOT spending the multi-millions on the latest half of the freeway and instead using  it  to create  jobs for locals down Noarlunga and Morphett Vale way and remove the necessity for them  to head to and from the  CBD.

Meanwhile the nightmare of South Road will be with us for generations.


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