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Unpaid Council rates top $500,000 a year

August 10, 2014

Unpaid council rates in the Unley Council area  have exceeded $500,000 per year for the past three years, with debt  collectors having to be called in to recover  $450,000  in  2013 and $381,000 last financial year.

But Council Administration has been quick to point out that not everyone who pays their rates late is experiencing some form of hardship. Many have simply forgotten, and further reminders/contact resolves payment.

Meanwhile, ratepayers with concerns are advised to ensure that where they are able of eligible for State pensioner concessions they have applied to the State for those concessions.

Just as importantly, ratepayers are also advised to check their property valuation. And if their believe it is wrong they can appeal to the Valuer General, or in a small number of cases to Council where the Council has provided a valuation. (Grumpy did this last year for a property in Black Forest, and the Valuer General’s Department dropped the value by $200,000, bringing a major saving not only in Council rates, but also the ancillary services, such as the Natural Resources Levy and the Emergency Levy.  A  total yearly saving of approximately $500!!!) Over the years I have been able to assist a number of people with similar action.

People having difficulty in making rates payments should contact Council to work out a payment plan. And if there is a case of genuine hardship Council can remit rates in part or in full, depending on the individual situation.

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