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Council status abused.

August 31, 2014

We are used to regular revelations of irregularities in the two upper levels of Government. Politicians taking their families on holiday at the taxpayers’ expense. False claims for away- from-home accommodation when the alternative is actually owned by their spouse or another family member. Political campaign donations of a decidedly dodgy and commercially-advantage nature.

Local Government, by its very nature, has largely been immune from THAT sort of bad press. Not, however, that a bureaucratic blind eye isn’t turned in some instances. Take, for example, the very bad press that Adelaide City Council has endured this weekend with the revelation of numerous parking fines incurred by some senior Elected Members (Councillors) being waived by the Administration because the guilty parties were apparently engaged in civic business.

So what? Parking restrictions are just that. Restrictions. Not suggestions that can be overlooked because you claim councilomatic immunity. It sends a VERY bad Us and Them message to the general public.

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