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Central planning control sparks alarm.

September 8, 2014

SOS, aka Save Our Suburbs, Adelaide Inc, has expressed “great alarm” at the recommendation in the “Our Ideas for Reform” document from the Planning Review Panel for the formation of regional planning and development assessment bodies.

‘”The creation of regional planning boards which set planning rules for new development and appoint regional Development Assessment Panels would be a regressive shift away from locals having a say about what new development happens in their street”, the report says..

“While the rights of residents to have inputs into the development assessment process have been whittled away in recent years, local councils still have a major say in drawing up planning policies for their local area. Regional planning boards will strip from local councils the power to make planning policy for the areas they represent.

“While there is some mention of some councillors being included in the new planning boards, it is clear that the thrust is to remove all elected councillors from planning policy formulation and development assessment. It will be back to the future, with councillors reduced to dealing with rates, rubbish, roads and a bit of environmental tinkering. Developers and State Planning bureaucrats will rule the roost. The pigs will be in charge of the farmyard. This will please developers, bureaucrats and, sad to say, some planning and architectural associations”.

For more information on this subject visit the latest newsletter from SOS on

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