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Scots could kill Jack.

September 11, 2014

union jackimages (2)In all the brouhaha in Britain about the imminent breakaway by Scotland, there’s not been one mention of the most dramatic consequence of all…the death of the Union Jack.

Which, as all of us of course know, is a combination of the flags of the separate nations.

Imagine all the consequences to marketting, advertising, etc. if the hordes north of Hadrian’s Wall decamp and sit back to enjoy (if only briefly) the oil-inspired bonanza of independence.

And it’s not only the flag that will get the flick. What about the national anthem? Won’t that need some tweaking?

toppic_scottishIt’s all a bit silly, if not new.

When “Grumpy” was a mere grizzle of a schoolboy, he can remember his neighbour’s children in the Wigtownshire ferry town of Stranraer coming home battered and bloodied from schoolyard fights started because their mother was English.

“You’re nae a Scot”, was the taunt. “You’re a Sassenach”.

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