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Trekkers flout Nepalese safety rules.

October 21, 2014

Sad as it is that so many foreign trekkers have lost their lives on the Annapurna Circuit in the past few days, the truth is that the death toll would probably have been a lot smaller if the basic rules of trekking had been followed.

First. You make sure you have adequate clothing and food for high-level trails.

Second. You do not travel alone, or without a qualified local guide.

Third. You obey the rules of registering your entry to the area,  do not try to avoid paying for a trekking permit, and heed weather warnings.

That may not guarantee your survival…but it will go a long way to seeing that your trek is not your last.

“Grumpy” has been trekking in Nepal more than 20 times in the past  thirty years, and never once have I placed myself (or my life-time guide Tenji Sherpa)  in any sort of danger…and that includes three visits to the Annapurna Circuit.

Nepal is a beautiful, breath-takingly beautiful country,but it must be treated with respect, as the weather there can turn treacherous in a few short hours. Trekkers owe it to themselves  and to the local guides…who often get less than $10 a day…to acknowledge and be prepared for that eventually. And Australian travel agents need to drive that message home forcefully.

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