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Letterbox lament.

November 8, 2014

An inconsequential footnote to this weekend’s local council elections..

.I’m not quite sure whether one of my fellow councillors was being serious at the last Council’s last meeting when he bemoaned the quality  and siting of letter boxes in the Goodwood and Forestville area.

To give him the benefit of the doubt, I’ll assume that his angst was inflamed by the difficulty he had experienced delivering “vote for me” material to an apathetic populace.(Is it REALLY so hard to take part in informing  ratepayers  that you are one of the people who spend your $43million a year?) 

Personally, having trudged the streets of Parkside and parts of Fullarton for more years than I can remember, I find no challenge in the siting or size of the postman’s target. High or low. Hidden in shrubbery .Gaping apertures overflowing with uncollected catalogues , or miniscule slots lurking in hedges.Hollowed logs or expensive examples of concrete  sculptures.

Variety is the spice of letterboxing, a past-time which, only occasionally, is spoilt by the curmodgens , generally elderly gents, who race to the roadway yelling “Can’t you read? No bloody junk mail!”

In my early days in Local Government I would attempt to explain that I was not a marketeer. Today I retrieve the offending item and keep walking.  As my dear old grandfather used to say: “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”.

Anyway, all of the above is merely a prelude to thanking  the householders of Parkside Ward in (generally) tolerating my quarterly “Viewpoint” newsletter which will, ankles permitting, continue to bring third-tier government goss to the general populace.

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