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Monumental stuff-up.

November 11, 2014

Stories in the print and video world recently  about the supply of memorials to Centennial Park might have given the impression that the State’s largest cemetery, jointly 0wned by Unley and Mitcham Council, was engaged in some sort of underhand double-dealings that could have a dramatic adverse impact on the monumental masons of the State.

Nothing could be further from the truth. (And here I must declare an interest. I am one of Unley Council’s two representatives on the Centennial board of directors).

CP has engaged on an open and transparent tender process for two new monumentation  areas, with the aim of providing the best quality product at the most affordable price for South Australian families. It does not impact on the services already provided by monumental masons, only on two new areas involving a mere 400 NEW spaces. This will provide additional  opportunities for the industry alongside the cemetery’s   existing 7o,ooo burial spaces. and the masons who currently supply services within CP’s current burial sections  can continue to do so unaffected.

To quote CP’s chief executive Brian Elliott: “Centennial Park’s purchasing policy is designed to encourage local suppliers and manufacturers, and we are working with monumental masons to find the best outcome for South  Australian families. We have played an integral part in the community for over 78 years, and are proud of being financially self-sufficient and not be a burden on the ratepayers of Unley and Mitcham councils. All funds raised filter back directly into the continuous improvement of the park and the experience for  visitors”.

I have been proud to have served on the board for many years on behalf of Unley Council and can attest to it’s high standards of service.

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