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Unley Councillors lead State in communication with public.

November 24, 2014

Not only is Local Government acknowledged as the most trusted level of government, but it seems that Unley Council is way ahead of others in its communication with residents and the local business world.

Writing in his regular month report, Mayor Lachlan Clyne, who was returned unopposed for a second four-year term,  says that the city’s poll outcome was the most stable of all metropolitan elections.

“I ascribe this outcome to one principal issue,” he says. ” That is the incredibly engaged and engaging attitudes and communication styles of the 2010-14 Councillors. No Council in SA has an elected body with more blogs, Facebooks, email distribution newsletters or traditional ward newsletters circulating information about Council activities than here in Unley…I am hopeful that this culture will be maintained and enhanced throughout this new term of office”.

It is certainly the intention of “Grumpy in Unley” to be around as a website for the next four years, and (legs permitting) there will be the usual quarterly home distribution of my “Viewpoint”  newsletter.

And just a reminder. Communication is a two-way street…

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