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Millionaires’ Row.

November 27, 2014

Grumpy was otherwise engaged when a goodly crowd gathered in his near-neighbour’s driveway a couple of days ago to bid for a four-bedroom residence.

Not that it mattered. Had I been able to attend I would have had my hands firmly in my pockets long before  the auctioneer’s gavel finally came down on a hefty $1.409 million.  Stuff that that Unley Park is made of.

Good news for the very happy Blythe Street owners, and, I suppose, neighbouring property owners who could well benefit from a flow-on effect in Parkside.

Having said that, however, there is a downside for the young couples, who, unlike those people trading up, are entering the accommodation market for the first time. And I well remember the reaction I got from my wife, many years ago, when I returned to a Melbourne maternity ward just it time for our second son’s birth and revealed that I had splashed out on a four-bedroomed hacienda in Eden Hills.

“$13,000! We’ll have a mortgage for the rest of our lives!”

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