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Outdoor eating hazard

November 29, 2014

Yet another reason why Unley Council should be ensuring that there are safety measures (such as crash-resistant bollards) on all the pavement restaurants which have proliferated in our city in recent years….

The mind boggles at the thought of just how many fatalities there could have been  when an  out- of-control car careered into the brickwork of “Mother’s Milk” on Unley Road a couple of days ago..

Fortunately the pavement area was unoccupied.

And the reason for my grumpiness  about this incident? The last time I looked, footpaths were for feet, not feeders. Out-door eaters seem to have little regard for pedestrians. Chairs are pulled out from their designated place, ignoring the cafe’s conditions.  Bikes are leant against walls.  Tethered dogs present hidden tripwires.  All impeding passersby.

I will continue to press for a bylaw, rather than the present amorphous “guidelines”, to cover fresh-air food sites…and crash barriers will be a priority.

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