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Victoria Park horse laugh.

December 7, 2014


horseracingLike Ian Gilfillan, I had to take a quick look at the fridge calendar a day or two ago…just to make sure that I hadn’t time-travelled to April the First.

But no.  It’s true. Premier Wally Weatherill was NOT joking when he announced his support for the nonsensical notion that nags should once again star at Victoria Park.

And it’s here that I must declare an interest in the whole issue. For several tumultuous years I had the privilege of membership of  the executive committee of APPA, the Adelaide Parklands Preservation Association. It was, as you can well imagine, an action-packed era. But one made memorable and worthwhile when the running rails came down and the eastern parklands were returned in full to the rightful owners.

Now, obviously under the influence of  memory-erasing  medication, a group of  nag-fans led by something called ” The Committee for Adelaide”  is pressing for the return of the races. Someone called Mr Matt Clemow, who heads the back-to-the-future folly, has persuaded Mr Weatherill to ask Racing Minister Leon Bignell to look at the idea, which, very surprisingly, has the support of  (you’ve guessed it in one) the SA Jockey Club and Thoroughbred Racing SA.

It looks as if the North Terrace  mob has a short memory, and South East City Local Residents Association chairman John Underwood is right on the money when he predicts that any retrograde development, including the  hidden agenda of permanent buildings on the park, would see nearby residents “coming out swinging”.

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  1. Cr Bob Schnell permalink
    December 8, 2014 3:20 pm

    I would prefer to see horses at Victoria Park rather than V8 cars.


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