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Two-year demolition victory

December 10, 2014

Unley Council has won a significant two-year victory  in the Environment, Resources and Development Court over a bid to demolish a 100-year-old dwelling which the owner claimed was so structurally unsafe and unsound that it was not worth saving.

Handing down a 23-page document outlining all the issues in the two-year-long battle of Palmerston Road,   Her Honour Judge Cole and   Commissioners Mohyla and Hodgson said that: “The appellant has failed to show that the property was unsafe or so unsound that it could not be economically rehabilitated. Whilst the house is not in an Historic Conservation Zone, and the house is not a state or local heritage place, it seems to us that the Development Plan seeks to those elements of the streetscape, such as the house, which demonstrate the desired attributes”..

The saga began in February 2012, with a demolition  application by Ms Zhe Jin. It was refused by Council in the following September, and the appellant appealed the decision.

During the court case, the Commissioners were told that, based on a heritage study, the house at number eight  was built in the first decade of the  twentieth century. It and its two neighbours were substantial stone villas, possibly built by the Ingham family to promote their firm’s decorative plaster products

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