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“Stolen Generation” myth rolls on…

December 11, 2014

…at least according to columnist Andrew (love him or loathe him)  Bolt.

The catchy label, which was itself stolen from a description of those who grew up in the post World War One years, has long been  hijacked in Australia to classify the alleged generations of Aboriginal children removed from their families.

In today’s “Advertiser” column, Mr Bolt says that (in reference to the so-called “facts” regarding the alleged pack-rape of an American student”) : “Again and again I’ve found that no matter  many facts I have presented, it is impossible to destroy myths which fashionable people declared were moral.

“Take the ‘stolen generations’. All Australian students are taught that up to 100,000 children were stolen by officials from their parents just for being Aboriginal, and not because they were abandoned, neglected or mistreated. In fact, I have repeatedly shown that not one academic or activist has yet presented even 10 cases. Yet who dares disbelieve?”

While I am not a Bolt Believer, I know just how he feels about twisted history. South Australia’s  is littered with errors. Admittedly not of the importance of the alleged “Stolen”. But try and correct them and you are bombarded with criticism and abuse.

Just (very) occasionally, truth shines through, and several years ago I successfully pressed for an alteration to the pre-European acknowledgement which precedes meetings of Unley Council. Today we do not merely mention the Kaurna people as sole traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains, but Aboriginal people as a whole.

One small step towards a factual State history.

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