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Greenhill Road’s grand design.

December 21, 2014

The Department of Transport’s grand design (at $1.4million) for Unley Council’s section of Greenhill Road is scheduled to start next month, with alterations to accesses into and out of North Unley between George Street and Unley Road.

The work will be stopped temporarily during the Clipsal 500.

The two other sections (between Unley Road and King William Road and KWR to Goodwood Road) will follow.

The major scheme is apparently based on the number of accidents…100 or so in the past five years. Not so dramatic as it would first appear when you are told that the road carries a staggering 50,000 vehicles a day!

Despite some very vocal objections from some residents, the George Street/Unley Road section re-vamp will see access limited into and out of North Unley along Anglo Avenue.

Nearby at the George Street junction the capacity of sheltered right turn lanes into George and Hutt Road will be increased, and there will also be an increase in capacity of the right turn on the western approach to Glen Osmond Road.

Although there already been a number of public meetings, which in Grumpy’s view were more controversial and informational than consultative, it appears that “consultation” regarding the section of Greenhill Road between George Street and Glen Osmond Road will start early in January.

If you have any queries regarding the project, please contact Bill Zissopoulos on 83432204 or by email at

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