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And the groom wore red…

December 26, 2014

lachlan clyneOnly joking. I think…

But it WOULD make a very colourful wedding at St Augustine’s Church on Unley Road tomorrow if Mayor Lachlan Clyne donned his scarlet robe of office when he and Jocelyn tie the knot.

Meanwhile rumour has it that a black-robed band of Councillors will form a guard of honour as the couple leave the church. Not so sure whether they will be showered with confetti manufactured from re-cycled council agendas…

I must say that all this makes me feel so bloody old, as I first knew the groom when he was a  youngster dicing with death amid a trio or two of camels on the family property just north of Balaclava.

But that’s another story.

P.s. Got to the church (in the middle of an early luncheon   break in a nearby Scrabble tournament) to blend in with the ten other penguins, aka the black-robed councillors, to form a guard of honour as the newly-weds left the church.

Sadly the groom had eschewed the scarlet robes and gold chain ((but looked splendid in regular formal gear). While, to steal an over-used understatement, the bride was dramatic in off- the-shoulder white.

And  someone (dammit) forgot to supply us with pre-loved council meeting minutes to form an archway.

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  1. December 28, 2014 9:09 am

    Thank you for your very kind words and coming along to form that special archway as a final blessing for the both of us. Don’t forget, you are only as old as you think! 🙂


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