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Petrel peril …another needless death

December 27, 2014

swimming warningsIf you are easily offended by the truth, stop reading NOW.

What is it, I ask  perhaps somewhat rhetorically, that makes swimmers seem to decide that danger signals at some of our beaches are put there for fun…or rather to spoil their fun?

Once again this year,( see my post of April 28th) and for the second fateful time,we read of the aftermath of a young man’s decision to ignore the prominent warning posters at Petrel Cove.

Just what else can the authorities do to counteract the irresponsible decision of people to ignore the warnings, thereby putting others at risk of death when the seemingly inevitable happens?

When will people realise that the sea, as well as harbouring big nasties like Great Whites, is full of things called unseen death-traps  such as rips and undertows?

You have, of course, to feel some sympathy for the relatives and friends who see their loved ones swept away. But maybe, just maybe, they have to bear some of the blame for not trying to discourage the nautical trespassers from blind stupidity.

End of sermon/diatribe. So maybe I am callous and cruel.

But what it will NOT be is an end to the needless tragedies.


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