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Scrabble’s “Sultan” seeks justice…

December 28, 2014

Scrabble_game_in_progressI’ve never thought of it as a blood sport.

Scrabble, that is.

But Sunday Mail reporter Fiona Hudson (no relation) has revealed a side of the hunt for seven-letter words that casts the pleasant past-time in a VERY different light.

Seems that over the border there is trouble brewing(seven letters) over the alleged (seven letters)  actions (ditto) of a gentleman by the name of Mohammed A Gehazi.

Mr Gehazi, it seems, was once banned by the Victorian branch of the Australian Scrabble Players Association  for alleged bad behaviour which included “unacceptable comments” and “ill-mannered tactics”. He has since served his banishment and  returned to competitive playing…including some in South Australia.

Now, in a couple of days, the dark side of the past-time is to resurface in the Magistrates Court if an out-of-court settlement is not reached. Mr Gehazi, aka the “Sultan of Scrabble” , wants to clear his name ,  and says that the allegations against him are trivial, vindictive and false. He  has penned a 35,000-word blog claiming that he has not been guilty of unacceptable behaviour.

The whole shemozzle casts a whole new light on what I thought was a somewhat genteel past-time, and I am happy to languish on the lower slopes of (seven letters) Everest.

Oops! That’s no good. Capital letters are strictly forbidden…

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