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Grumpy’s top ten hates.

December 29, 2014

Spurred into action by today’s “Advertiser” columnist Craig Cook (“Yes, I’m a grumpy old man — here’s the reasons”) I have drawn up what I modestly consider to be a far-superior list of ten irritants.

1. Walkers and talkers. (especially in the soulless Rundle Mall).  Nuisances who walk , text and don’t deviate.. Do one or the other, folks. I don’t give way. And I weigh 110kg.  Go figure.

2. Repeat advertising. What may seem cute and clever the first time palls after my viewing has been interrupted ten times in a hour-long programme by the same inane “amusing” commercial. A curse on all ad men.

3. Charity collectors and God-botherers who ignore the prominent sign to the right of our  front door.

4. Stray cats that lurk under parked cars at  night and play “chicken” with passing vehicles.

5. The continued mangling of the State’s history , especially when it comes to the assertion that the Kaurna people were the sole original inhabitants of the Adelaide Plains.And those who perpetuate the “Proclamation” furphy.

6. Most politicians.

7. Adelaide Oval’s transformation/degradation into a soul-less Superbowl.

8. Unuseable footpaths. Parkside is a particular nightmare for pram-pushers, gophers and walking frames.

9. Buses that arrive late, then whiz pass displaying “No Pick Up” and “Not in service” signs.

10. People who don’t agree with “Grumpy”.

Opinions welcomed.

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