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Oh so close!!!!

December 31, 2014

With just 24 hours to go to the fireworks announcing the arrival of a New Year (let’s hope it’s a lot less fraught worldwide than 2014) I was 65  short of my 2014 Grumpy target of 27,000 “views”.

As the fireworks manipulators started to do their thing at the Sydney Harbour bridge  that shortfall has shrunk to just 11. And that’s where it stayed. Dammit.

Still, all in all not a bad result for what is basically  an Unley operation, and a healthy 5000 more views than the previous year.

What puzzles me somewhat on that parochial note is the scope of the viewers. Why an EARTH would someone be logging in from, for example, Poland? Or Alaska? Or Spain? Not that they are not welcome, and if it spreads the word about Unley, so much the better. Still…

Meanwhile, to all of you who have followed Grumpy…my good wishes for a more peaceful year ahead.



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  1. Cr Bob Schnell permalink
    January 1, 2015 8:02 am

    Mike, it’s not about size. It’s content that counts.
    However, well done on your huge hits for the year.
    You obviously have a strong following with those with a poor grasp of English.
    I can only dream of such a strong audience.
    For a fresh read visit Bob’s Blog


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