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Governor Hieu Van Le misguided

January 17, 2015

Together with two or four hundred others, I was privileged to be at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre yesterday for a pre-Australia Day function.

Great food and company.

Not so sure about the key address from  Governor Hieu Van Le.

Despite his inspiring speech about the tribulations he suffered before eventually making landfall on our northern shores, I have grave fears about his view that Australia should continue, almost unconditionally, to welcome immigrants and refugees.

Before I hear the howls of  racism and inhumanity…an explanation.

I was, together with my family, a migrant more years ago than I can remember…in the days when there were still vestiges of the “populate or perish ” syndrome. Today I think it’s more of  “and” rather than “or”.

Common-sense has since prevailed. Attitudes and circumstances have changed dramatically, and sustainability dictates that despite our misleadingly large land mass we are already at the upper limits of population.

It’s not a c0nundrum for Australia alone.

The Governor’s views made  page seven in today’s “Advertiser”. On page 35 there was the headline “Humans threaten Earth’s systems”…with the claim that we have altered the planet so much that we risk destabilising the natural systems.

According to Australian National University Professor Will Steffen it is difficult to over-estimate the scale and speed of change.

“In a single lifetime, humanity has become a planetary-scale geological force”, he says.

Maybe, before it is too late, we should be tackling, globally, the time-bomb of unsustainable  and unfettered population figures, rather than merely landing it on other shores.



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