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Loony call for “level”council rates.

January 20, 2015

dollar signsAfter more than a few years in Local Government, I thought I had heard every possible loony attempt to revise the councils’ rating system.

I was wrong.

The ultimate in stupid, self-serving nonsense has now emerged in the form of a call by the “Industry Coalition Advocating Council Reform”, which apparently wants a “levelling out” of charges across local government bodies.

According to a report in today’s “Advertiser”, ICACR  spokesperson and Property Council of SA executive director Daniel Gannon is quoted as saying that ” inconsistent council rates often have a negative impact on the cost of doing business”.

Apparently the Coalition is likely to commission for research in the merits of (wait for it!) council mergers.

Meanwhile  there is heartening news from Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis, who  is quoted as saying that councils should be autonomous and have their own revenue base.

Doubtless there will be a lot of heated argument in council chambers across the State in a few months. And there will be the  inevitable, blinkered call from some to peg rates rises to the Consumer Price Index, conveniently overlooking the fact (again and again) that Councils’ expenditure basket differs radically from that of  households.



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  1. Cr Bob Schnell permalink
    January 20, 2015 12:53 pm

    This coalition of ‘industry’ simply wants the playing fields across the State tilted in their favour. It’s blatant self interest and makes sense to any business to maximise advantage and opportunity. However, local government must primarily serve the best interests of the local residents and businesses and not out of town heavy weights. How a union and the hotel association was convinced to join the coalition is a mystery – it makes strange bed-fellows. I did a blog on this recently.
    The Government won’t be rushing to fulfill the dreams of this loosely assembled coalition.
    It’s only 3 years to the next State election and other than a lot of chatter, little will happen.
    In my blog I challenged the coalition to put up the financial modelling to justify proposed amalgamations and standardising charges and regulations. Let them do this work to justify the tilting of the playing fields in their favour.
    Meanwhile, Council will best serve the interests of the locals.
    For more information visit Bob’s Blog


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