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And all that (South Australian) jazz!!!

January 21, 2015

jazzbandIt wasn’t exactly a dignified introduction  to South Australia.

When  Ben J Fuller’s Jazz Band performed at Adelaide’s Majestic Theatre on August 17, 1918, they shared the stage with a ventriloquist and a boxing kangaroo…Apparently, however, the music had enough charm to extend the booking for three weeks.

All this, and an amazing compilation of facts and figures, feature in “Jazz Voices”, an entertaining and comprehensive history  of  the music that was born in New Orleans in the opening years   of the last century.

Sub-titled “Hot music in the city of churches”, the joint authorship of  Don  and Mel Hopgood  has produced a fascinating document  replete with hitherto unseen photographs of local bands and a host of anecdotes and facts.

The cost $30. Availability ? Hurry to the Jazz Archives on the corner of Pultney Street and North Terrace (Number 237 ) on a Tuesday, or contact Don Hopgood on 83263795 or at  But hurry. The initial print has almost sold out, and you might have to wait for a (very probable) reprint.

Oh yes, and I must declare an interest in all the above.  “Grumpy” gets a passing mention in the galaxy of names involved in the Adelaide scene between 1918 and 2000. I’m listed as an “aficionado”. Nice one fellers.




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