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Prayer backflip at The Bay

January 28, 2015

bible imagesOnly an idle thought, of course, but I wonder what would happen in
Unley if Council decided to emulate the controversial (and since reversed) decision of Holdfast Bay to scrap its pre-meeting prayer.

I haven’t had time to conduct a poll of my fellow Councillors, so it’s pure speculation. But I suspect that some of them share my athiest views and would not be too fazed.

Not that I would contemplate such a move without an assurance that it would at least get a fair hearing. No-one in their right mind would take it any further than that. And certainly  the precious moments of silence to honour our heroes of overseas conflict will never themselves be silenced.

For those with no religion, or adherence to a faith other than Christianity, the solution to their opposition to a pre-meeting prayer is simple. Don’t take your seat in the Council Chamber until the preliminaries have passed and it’s time to get down to business.

Meanwhile we could have done with SOME intervention, divine or otherwise, last night, when proceedings began at 7.p.m. and dragged on until a few minutes short of midnight.

NOT the atmosphere in which to make binding decisions…

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