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Deal in drugs…and…

January 29, 2015

… suffer the consequences.

Am I alone in NOT being concerned at the fate of the two Australians about to face the firing squad in Indonesia?

It’s amazing how they have transformed themselves from dealers in misery into devout Christians.

The “victims” of Indonesia’s strict anti-drug laws must surely have know the possible/probable consequences of smuggling. Australia should support any methods, however draconian, in battling the scourge, and we should butt out of meddling in another country’s approach to the issue.

Some idiot “expert” on ABC television has even (I think seriously) posed the question “Should we start talking about trade sanctions?” to make Indonesia have a change of heart.

The sooner the money-hungry merchants of death get the message that the wages of sin could be delivered by a firing squad, the better.


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