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Cemetery control change fails

January 30, 2015

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Suggestions for a radical change to membership of the board of directors of Centennial Park, the cemetery jointly owned by Unley and Mitcham Councils, have been dismissed by Unley Councillors.

Under the proposal, one of many changes to the constitution put forward by an Unley-based consultancy, the board would have consisted solely of non-Council individuals, effectively stripping the owners of direct control of one of their biggest assets. An  asset which annually (and I believe wrongly) is forced to pay a six-figure “dividend” to both its owners. A dividend which would materially help the Pasadena-based concern more easily compete with a steadily growing band of competitors operating without the commitments of CP.

That’s not to say, of course, that the FINAL decision on any proposal that might effect the viability of the cemetery is stripped from the hands of the ratepayers of Unley and Mitcham. But (and here I have to declare an interest, having until this week been a board member) I, and most, if not all,  of my fellow Unley councillors disagreed with a number of the consultant’s ideas.

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