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Weighty woes for would-be vet…

February 1, 2015

1 Sports Minister Kate Ellis (1)Although (the last time I looked, at least) I am a member of the male half of the population, I do know a LITTLE bit about pregnancy and it’s effect on the female form and health…

Which is why I am more than somewhat puzzled and sceptical about this weekend’s newspaper story of  22-year-old  science student  Naomi Dartnell (no that’s NOT her pictured left, see the last paragraph of this blog) suing a medical centre for not warning her that she was  SIX months pregnant!!!

Seems Naomi wants a bundle of dosh from the La Trobe University  Medical Centre in Victoria to cope with the strangely unexpected bundle of joy(?) that, it seems, may adversely affect her ambition of becoming a vet.

Should she achieve that goal, one has to hope that she gains slightly more insight into the (animal) world of fertility and is able to diagnose whether her charges are not just eating too much…

P.s. While on the subject of motherhood, (see photo above) South Australia’s  Member of Parliament  Kate Ellis was, as they say, looking decidedly radiant in green and pregnancy when she was one of the guest speakers at last week’s Australia Day citizenship ceremony at Unley Town Hall.

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