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Park and ride. Bring it on!!!

February 11, 2015

Tucked away amidst the wide-ranging items on Premier Jay Weatherill’s visions for the future of the State (outlined in today’s “Advertiser”) is a gem of a suggestion that should –and could — have been tackled long, long ago.

I refer to the suggestion that the inner city should be serviced by a park and ride system which would see the end of  the fume-ridden presence of cars.

It’s hardly a fresh idea on the world stage. A number of cities in the UK have had the  system in place for years, to everyone’s great benefit. Not only would p-and-r reduce  pollution, but suburbs such as Unley would not have to bear the brunt of commuter congestion on it’s three main thoroughfares.

Grumpy has been beating the drum on this issue for years, even before the doubling of the south-east freeway brought about  the snail-like crawl morning and evening (and most other times) along South Road. It is no wonder that savvy motorists resort to Goodwood, Unley and Fullarton roads, let alone the entirely residential  Duthy Street and Winston Avenue/East Avenue routes…

I am not au fait with the availability of land to the north of the city for  parking facilities, but there is certainly  an abundance for a facility at the northern end of the SE freeway.

Meanwhile, as an act of good faith 0f good faith, the Government  should introduce   a total clamp-down on any more of  those hideous multi–storey car-parks in the CBD, which garner obscene amounts of revenue for the owners, while encouraging inner-city driving. And the Council’s coffers also receive an (un)healthy rates boost while the suburbs suffer..

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  1. Ian S permalink
    February 11, 2015 7:35 pm

    Another example in stupidity: The city of Assen in The Netherlands has recently started charging for parking in the carparks at the edge of their city and has reduced the car parking charges in the city car parks. The result is that the CBD is now choked with motorists instead of being a city for the people. It won’t be long before this decision is reversed.

    Mr Weatherill can talk about this sort of progress until the cows come home. The long and the short of it is that the ACC is not run by the State Govt and that the SA State Govt is hell bent on doing everything it can to accommodate motor vehicles to every door. He and his Govt has had sooo many years to do something positive about congestion. What has been achieved? A very expensive and unnecessary elevated road and other road projects to funnel more cars into our suburbs. Nothing about reducing school traffic, nothing about actually making a positive difference and nothing about improving the road safety for the vulnerable road users. All of the heavy lifting, once again, is left to the local councils, with the SA Govt departments building absolute rubbish (aka Greenhill Rd “upgrade”) as barriers.

    I say don’t worry about the parking fees in the city, make it more challenging for peak hour motor vehicle traffic and easier for healthier, more social forms of transport (i.e. walking, biking, public transport). People will automatically choose to switch modes and traffic volume will reduce accordingly. The air and noise quality in Unley and surrounds will increase in proportion to the switch.

    BTW you missed the route from Sussex/Hilda/Victoria/King William.

    Almost Grumpy

    Ian S


    • cllrmikehudson permalink*
      February 11, 2015 8:22 pm

      Didn’t miss it. Have just given up on it!!! I fought tooth and nail about the way in which the traffic lights on Cross Road were phased to enable the rat run. No one bloody listened.Short-sighted stupidity at its worst.


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