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Double Blues’ double-page tribute.

February 15, 2015

sue dewingimages (20)It probably hasn’t escaped the notice of “Grumpy” followers that I  am not exactly what you’d call a footy fan.And that I have more than occasionally expressed unpopular opinions of the home-grown club. So much so that on one memorable day my website  recorded no fewer than exactly 1001 angry hits!!!

I don’t resile from my comments over the past few years on the club’s  prolonged financial tightrope, and they have been validated by  an unprecedented double-page spread in the sports pages  today’s “Sunday Mail”.

Having said that, I can only express extreme admiration for the details of the club’s fight for survival chronicled  by journalist  Warren Partland under the heading “How Sturt hit back to cry of Save Our Soul”.

It’s far too long an article to do justice here, but just one short sentence sums up the club’s renaissance under the leadership of  Sue Dewing (pictured above) .

“It is not to overstate the precarious scenario by saying the Double Blues considered switching off the life support early in 2013”.

I dips me lid…


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