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Eleven-storey Unley premature:Pisoni.

February 21, 2015

images (28)Plans for a major, multi-storey revamp around the Unley Shopping centre has been criticised by Unley MP David Pisoni as being “economically unsound” in the present commercial environment.

Mr Pisoni, who has written  to Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne and all Councillors, says that he has received “numerous” calls from constituents raising their surprise and concern about Council’s position on the issue.

Mr Pisoni says that while he appreciates the constraints under which Council is placed with regard to pressures from the State Government in keeping with the requirements for population growth and development within the 30 Year Plan, the reports which have been reported on seem to be quite out of step with not only what the community wants  but has been promoted by Council in the past.

“Any development should be undertaken for Unley’s best interests to ensure our community maintains its uniqueness. I believe it would be safe to assume that developments of up to 11 storeys are not what residents would perceive to be part if what makes our community unique”.

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  1. Ian S permalink
    February 22, 2015 6:47 am

    I applaud UCC for having some sort of vision, albeit piecemeal in approach. I do question the logic: on one hand you have a council complaining about open space and on the other hand you have a council allowing the residential blocks to be carved up with silly setback requirements and allowing a single level dwelling to take up most of the block. Maybe it IS time for UCC to overhaul the planning strategy and building design guidelines to maintain older period building facade styles, allow for higher density living (of between 4 and 6 storeys), stipulate a requirement to design in the open space and tree/garden areas and mandate a requirement to design for a decrease in car dependency (i.e. build for a walkable/people city). Unley will change, let the change be in our control so that Unley remains a desirable place to live instead of a London style inner city suburb.


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